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Strong changeover greets bay net female Chan Badi make a good beginning Situose is first-run lose

Beijing time on January 20, australian tennis made public contest to launch have a contest first days 2020, in the match with female first-run sheet, the first Ba Di struggle hard of world 3 dishes, overcome division of Su Lun of Lan Ren spy finally with 5-7/6-1/6-1 changeover black, hard push forward the 2nd round; And Situose of another native land player promotes without the predestined relationship, she is defeated with 1-6/4-6 was in the United States player Maikenali is patted.

Ba Di is in and Tesulunke gets the better of before this two times each in fight hand to hand. First dishes of today's match, ba Di comes up to be defeated send by adversary, tesulunke protects even broken area those who obtained 2-0 to leave bureau. Subsequently, ba Di is finished in the 4th bureau time broken, chase after score make the same score to 2-2. After next bilateral each other is protected, forming each other to defeat once more, score will to 4-4 make the same score. In crucial the 11st bureau, of Ba Di serve bureau once more fall, tesulunke finishs a key to defeat hair hind, 6-5 will serve get the better of dish of bureau, as a result she cashs successfully on the 2nd check, leave one town first with 7-5.

Come to the 2nd dish, ba Di begins to send force eventually, she takes the lead in defeating in the 2nd bureau hair is procurable, and protect even broken area obtained a bureau of 3-0. The palm that subsequently match brings into Ba Di completely accuses in the center, she obtained broken hair once more in the 6th bureau, 5-1 will serve get the better of dish of bureau, the result is among this one bureau, ba Di holds successfully in the first check, with 6-1 strong pull answer a dish.

Pan Yi of decide the issue of the battle only then, good position of Ba Di sends irremediable, she comes up to be defeated continuously hair is procurable, those who obtained 4-0 is perfect a bureau. One bureau is subsequently special Sulunke eventually stanch declining tendency is finished p

rotect hair, chase after score to 1-4. Nevertheless Ba Di still does not have any wave motion, what she protected hair hind easily to obtain 5-1 is banner. In the 7th bureau that can retreat without the road, tesulunke fails to withstand pressure, ba Di was obtained successive dot of 3 broken hair holds game ball concurrently, as a result she goes up to cash successfully in the first, leave one town again with 6-1, big score 2-1 is strong the changeover that finish, hold one's head high push forward the 2nd round.

Situose and Li of wheat gram accept are career first fight hand to hand. First dishes of match, maikenali comes up even if protect even broken area, obtained a bureau of 2-0, subsequently bilateral each other is protected, maikenali is after 3-1 is banner, successive shatter Situose serves twice bureau, leave one town first with 6-1.

Come to the 2nd dish, maikenali is leaving once more bureau obtained broken hair, built the lead dominant position of 3-0, although Situose is finished in the 7th

bureau,answer broken, and join broken band protect, chase after score for a time to 4-4, do not cross Maikenali or finish in the 10th bureau deadly broken hair, leave one town finally again with 6-4, big score 2-0 promotes second annulus.

Original title: Bay net - changeover of Ba Dijiang situation greets make a good beginning Situose is first-run lose responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling