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Fan Zhendong gets the better of Ma Long to seize year end of Fan Zhendong of male single champion to pull summit of summit of 4 coronals return

Fan Zhendong gets the better of Ma Long to seize year end of Fan Zhendong of male single champion to pull summit of summit of 4 coronals return

On December 15, the tour of world of couplet of 2019 international ping that has in Zhengzhou surpasses final of total final men's singles in, chinese player Fan Zhendong with 4 than Ma Long of 1 conquer teammate, carry off champion, carry off the 2nd times champion of total final male single.

Actually, be in 14 days early, in international tour of ping couplet world surpasses quarterfinal of total final male single in, ma Long 4:3 of pacify of bridge of win by a narrow margin. And the country pings undertake the whole thing male single 4 strong, lock up champion of calm male single ahead of schedule.

15 days, the male single final of Fan Zhendong and equestrian dragon gets attention quite. Head bureau, fencing Zhen Dongkai bureau connect 3 minutes, depend on 11:6 of offensive of swift and fierceTake next this bureaus. Both sides is sent more in the contention of the 2nd bureau intense, very notice placement changes, ma Long 10: 8 take the lead in taking bureau place, but lose 4 minutes repeatedly subsequently, with 10:12 be defeated by one bureau again. The Fan Zhendong with hand very suitable wind is in the 3rd bureau with 11:6Leave one town again, 3:0 of big score expand into.

The Ma Long that fight with one's back to the river-fight to win or die spreads out wrestle to kill in the 4th bureau, with 11: 6 pull an one bureau. The 5th bureau, situation again deflection Fan Zhendong, after connecting 4 minutes he obtains 9: 5 banner, and with 11: 8 win this bureau, thereby with 4: The total score of 1 beats Ma Long, afterwards after 2017 win championship of total final male single the 2nd times.

2014 up to now, fan Zhendong contends for the champion of each match several times with Ma Long, make public contest to the national games and each from world ping contest, world cup, total final, fencing Zhen Dongke calls overall disadvantageous position. Before current total final, fan Zhendong has won Ma Long 3 times in international competition ground only, surpass Asian cup publicly twice among them, saying to go up is the match with multiple heft. Return the limits of total final, fan Zhendong was mixed 2015 2016 finals two not enemy horse dragon, to Ma Long is being beaten in finals, fencing Zhen Dongke calls to yearn for very

Deng Yaping of honored guest of explanation of CCTV of no less than place character, this argue Fan Zhendong is a ball all over, fan Zhendong is to hope to beat Ma Long too really, and it is finals beats Ma Long to gain the championship, of this champion of total final contend for, fan Zhendong first and last play is very outstanding, restrict Ma Long completely, although 3-0 is gotten

,desertion early or late 1 bureau, but 4-1 takes next triumphal a bit not messy, hit the most outstanding ball when face Ma Long 5 years, seize champion of total final male single again.

2019, fan Zhendong 4 with Ma Long fight hand to hand 3 get the better of lose, although Asian cup final and Japan surpass 1/4 final,contain Troy general, but the victory of total final still has weight quite, even if Ma Long's state still is not complete system, but also enough proves Fan Zhendong can be in finals conquer horse dragon. In the past the time of two months, fan Zhendong is pulled madly in April, plus the champion of an organization world cup, once some of confused Fan Zhendong lets fan be at ease afresh again

, continue to Tokyo Olympic Games with such condition, fan Zhendong nature is the number one that gain the championship popular.

Of course, ma Long hurts the logic of the regression that reappears more, arrive from the world cup total final, had seen progress from his body apparently. The world cup before this, equestrian dragon is absent apparently condition, be defeated repeatedly wisdom of an anticipatory actin and with Lin Yun scholar does not have predestined relationship medal, but arrived he still enters total final repeatedly 3 close, wash out He Xuxin of Liang Jing the 7th times to rush into finals, although final 1-4 not enemy Fan Zhendong fails to take next total finals the 6th coronal, but the impetus that anabiosis is apparent still. Believe to pass a winter to restore of example and body condition further, the Ma Long 2020 still is worth to expect very much.

Review whole 2019, for oneself with total final champion the Fan Zhendong of the full stop on this one New Year picture says, oneself from there had been these experiences this year since coming out to play the game, these are lessons likely also be fortune likely, him hope turns the experience this year into fortune.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling