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Check of big event of 2019 China basketball reviews Bei of Chinese basketball team one year of happy occur simultaneously

Check of big event of 2019 China basketball reviews Bei of Chinese basketball team one year of happy occur simultaneously

2019, chinese basketball experienced Bei one year of happy occur simultaneously.

This year, chinese male basket folds halberd heavy sand in the world cup that holds at the door the home, suffer slippery iron Lu; And national black group is in Greek the expression in world cup of held U19 male basket is likewise horrible, take hard numerous.

This year, what 3 person basketball of Chinese continued to was created in Jakarta 2018 is brilliant, brave carries Chinese basketball crossbeam. Female team should close with one husband in international competition ground, the imposing manner that 10 thousand husbands not open wins championship of first world contest for Chinese basketball, and the competence that male team gained direct Tokyo Olympic Games smoothly also, heart-stirring.

This year, CBA league matches carries CBA2.0 brand to upgrade plan, forward compatriots most the stride of stride of professional sports league matches that love, pace clang strong. Corbeil ball project is rolled out increasingly, the determination that basketball of declare publicly China reforms and confidence.

Corbeil ball is static wait for blossom and bear fruit

Pushs for foundation of Chinese basketball tamp corbeil ball project is being rolled out increasingly. In March 2019, yao Ming of chairman of association of basketball of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China is in the whole nation expresses during two meetings, the hope increases strength to begin corbeil ball to move in teenage group, let more youths foster group spirit in ball analogy contest.

Corbeil ball project is Chinese basket assist the 6 basketball that begin to 12 years old of adolescent are aimed at to popularize motion in what initiated 2017, regulation is revised according to adult match, use the small size basketball that suits teenage children, basket basket that lowers height and small-sized field, 6 years in the light of elementary school eductional systme differentiates to wait for agonistic age for U12, U10, U8 and U6 paragraph, help child nurturance exercises a habit, develop the interest that moves to basketball.

According to statistic, come two years, fall hard in sports and the combination that teach a branch, of corbeil ball groom, practice and match activity already swept across the whole nation; Sports and door of Ministry of Education participate in promotion jointly. 6 large areas surpassed league matches of Chinese corbeil ball 2019 the member that share 180 thousand spherule is participated in, relatively the 100 thousand person 2018 turned over one times almost, take part in the match the team also achieved nearly 30 thousand.

Han Xu, Li Yueru lands WNBA

The United States local time on April 10, in what American new York holds WNBA chose beautiful congress to go up 2019, han Xu of Chinese basketball athlete is in the 2nd round by group of person of new York freedom the 2nd suitable (always the 14th suitable) pitch on. At the same time Li Yueru of player of a China depends on the excellent performance in national group and league matches, also gained the favour of WNBA, in this second the 3rd round when choose beautiful plenary meeting the 11st suitable (always the 35th suitable) be dreamed by Atlanta team pitch on.

Subsequently, chinese basketball association publish congratulatory letter for a short while. Say in congratulatory letter, depend on indefatigable effort, han Xu got entering the chance of WNBA, hope she makes persistent efforts, train assiduously, the actual strength of athlete of basketball of woman of new era China and elegant demeanour are shown on WNBA competition ground. Li Yueru depends on the excellent performance in national group and league matches, also gained the favour of WNBA, to she and domestic person and Guangdong female basket expresses congratulation.

Sincere be like character of Han Xu place, more and more China players land the world to carry cascade on the head to surpass female to China basket to have profit greatly, the integral level of Chinese female basket is rising. As a batch gifted young player joins in, our team has very large promotion space. Experienced the world cup last year, we progress of this year is very rapid. I am confident to Chinese female basket.

9 coronals great exploit laughs at Guangdong male basket be proud allied

On May 3, the big screen of league matches of CBA of 2018-2019 sports season falls formally, field of objective of group of Guangdong Dongguan bank with 103 wider than 98 conquer Xinjiang collect motor transport corps, thereby with total score 4 than 0 carry off sports season champion.

In experienced in order to adjust, labor pains, rebuild with fly after waiting for the endless sports season that is a keyword, guangdong team gets countervail place to wish eventually, what stand 6 years in total champion again is lie between to get award platform when, if wish to take,leave team history pot of the 9th champion, laugh be proud whole CBA is allied.

Be worth what carry is, in CBA24 year on the history, of Guangdong team powerful beyond question. Calculate on this sports season, guangdong team enters the contest after season entirely in 24 sports season, infiltrate 14 times among them total final, win total championship 9 times.

History of experience of U19 China male basket is the poorest

2019 in world cup of U19 male basket, the team encountered the blueness of Chinese U19 country that gets attention fully inflict heavy losses on likewise: A world cup of current U19 male basket is reciprocal the first (the 16th) , also be China attends this match at the same time, the history is the poorest military successes.

Review this to support the force of the world cup of young fresh troops, when the group is surpassed, they are successional disastrous defeat gave Saierweiya and France. Surpass the 3rd in the group fortunately nevertheless, they pick up confidence again, conquer Puerto Rico, in fetching this U19 world cup exclusive a victory. Be in nevertheless after entering knockout, they are to lose all the way, bring about final rank to fill up the result of the bottom.

However, saying path, failure is the mother of the success. the rank that holding Chinese basketball future to this bearing, be defeated by a ball to cannot be afraid of, the key is can acquire a thing from which, for example physical ability, technology, defend, experience of state of mind, match and face ability of field meet an emergency to wait. Accordingly, change bitterness to be force only, will inactive become active, the gives on international competition ground exalted and tuitional ability of Chinese basketball is more valuable.

Arms of Chinese male basket defeats a world cup

To Chinese basketball, the summer 2019, can be described with feel as if a knife were piercing one's heart.

World cup of basketball of international basket couplet (predecessor is surpassed for male Lan Shijin) in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Dongguan and Fosan 8 cities are performed as scheduled. 16 day and night, 92 matches, gluttonous regale gives this basketball number with 100 million plan the impression that Chinese audience and world fan left profundity.

However, take the Amphitryon China line of support of the people of climate favourable geographical position, behave your National People's Congress to break place to look, achieve actor (creation China team is alive bound contest is best achievement) with try to be the first (the ticket that acquires direct Tokyo Olympic Games) all unfulfilment, missed doorway is in the home to open a best opportunity that sees the world. The Olympic Games of next year loses an election on contest, having Canada, Greek wait for world-class powerful group in group in want to grab a quota of people, compare hard enter a day. Accordingly, chinese male basket does not have a predestined relationship 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games already basically was a fact.

Lin Shuhao joins in CBA causes sensation

The resounding the slightest amount or degree that airborne CBA causes Lin Shuhao no less than mix in Stephen horse cloth in those days Maikegeleidi converts Teleixi. This ever had made player of mad foreign citizen of Chinese origin in NBA, sports season carries off along with fierce dragon team on NBA total champion. Join in this group of Beijing head steel, can continue better not only its individual is right of basketball have deep love for with persistence, increased a steel male basket to pound the competition ability of champion greatly at the same time.

Up to now, what Lin Shuhao reflects the value be obvious to all that go out on field. No less than he joins in the original intention when Beijing male basket is same, he has acted the part of foreign aids of a full back in effort, the hope can help a steel group go further. According to statistic, 20 rounds of battle stop, lin Shuhao field all can contribute 24.6 minutes, grab below 6.1 rebounds, send secondary attack. Head steel group contingency is surpassed the 3rd, achievement is good last year the corresponding period.

The target of team and my goal is very consistent, I come the upper limit that the target of CBA seeks him everyday namely, I want to win more contests. Accuse ball rear guard as, I not only oneself should have outstanding show, drive the teammate beside me even, play good game together. Lin Shuhao says, additionally I hope to use my show, will invigorate more dot, make them happy play basketball, fall in love with basketball.

CBA2.0 is strong will raid a surprise again and again

Spring 2019, CBA alliance announced CBA2.0 brand formally to upgrade plan, include to make more wonderful match product mainly, offer closer fan experience and service, model younger brand figure and make brand-new commerce develop the act such as the system, aim to upgrade stage by stage the operation level of CBA alliance and each club.

According to the program of CBA company, begin from 2019-2020 sports season, will teach through strengthening patriotism, establish standard of allied profession behavior, increase green standard devoted, urge wage cap, tighten up foreign aids quota of people to wait for measure, undertake upgrading from athletics level and brand construction respect.

CBA convention surpasses contest up to now already battle stops 20 rounds, the match is wonderful and ceaseless, competition is intense all the more, attention is spent present satisfactory state, viewing rate, seat of honour is led relatively the corresponding period all had last year promote considerably, the tournament play of sky of entrance ticket carry out also increases significantly than having before.

Du Feng dying recieves orders go to take up office

Chinese male basket is on the world cup disastrous defeat, li Nan offers resignation actively. Subsequently, chinese basketball association announces: Will establish new male basket of a China, invite Guangdong grand Lian Dufeng of bishop of far basketball club holds the position of bishop of Chinese male basket to drill. Team near future prepares for war the Olympic Games that the task is next year loses an election contest, but more the world cup mixed with a view to 2023 2024 the Olympic Games, more long-term even future.

Refer world cup of male this year basket, du Feng expresses: This the country held world cup contest, make us all practitioner and fan can be at the door the home scan widely views the world, is the level that sees world basketball what kind of. We follow world basketball standard or have very big difference, how to narrow with Euramerican the distance of powerful group, it is our most serious now problem. To the future of Chinese male basket, du Feng speak bluntly, this does not say to be able to be solved with a few years, the likelihood needs a few acting people to be perfected slowly really, I believe this is a very huge project, that also is to need everybody to go hard jointly, also need social all circles and fan friends more understanding and include. Because the way of Chinese basketball is very long still.

Du Feng's arrival after all whether turn round Chinese male basket the declining tendency in altar of current international basket? Change handsome after all whether the heroic spirit that picks up overlord of Asia of Chinese male basket again? Du Feng assumes office to be able to bring what change to Chinese male basket after all, what surprise can you have again? Only wait and see what happens, calm view its change.

3 people basketball takes advantage of a favorable situation and go up have as

Of as male as China basket be like female basket of person meaning and China very much still need hard to be compared, military successes of 3 it may be said of person basketball project are brilliant 2019.

In May, 2019 in cup of Asia of 3 people basketball, chinese male team is in quarterfinal with 21:3After team of conquer China Taipei, semifinals with 15:21 not enemy Australian team, final with 14:1Si Tan of 1 conquer Kazakstan obtains Ji Jun. In June, in couplet of 2019 international basket in final of group of woman of world cup of 3 people basketball, chinese female team with 19:1Powerful force of Europe of 3 force gram is Hungarian team, carry off champion, this also is China the champion of world of the first grown group on history of 3 people basketball.

On November 1, international basket couplet announced formally to be seleted 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games first team list of game of 3 people basketball. 3 person basketball countries of Chinese promotion of in pairs of male, female team, obtain Japanese Tokyo Olympic Games took part in the match 2020 qualification. Tokyo Olympic Games was project of 3 people basketball enters Olympic Games arena first 2020, match general in July 2020 25-29 day is held.

Chinese female basket advance steadily strong Olympic Games

On November 17, 2020 female basket preelection surpasses Tokyo Olympic Games in the match of the 2nd phase, chinese female basket with two if wish to promote,get the better of the success that enjoys preelection of Tokyo Olympic Games surpasses the 3rd level, this is meant, female basket girls strode one stride again to Tokyo Olympic Games.

27 days, in what headquarters of international basket couplet holds Olympic Games of female basket of international basket couplet lost an election 2020 in surpassing ballot ceremony, chinese female basket and Spain, England and Korea team are the same as group. The basis is regular, 16 team cent is 4 groups, every obtain an Olympic Games before the group 3 times to take part in the match qualification. Change character, want female basket to win only, entering the Olympic Games is the thing of follow a rational line to do some work well.

In addition, according to China female basket is the same as the adversary circumstance of the group to look, except name of eye in front of the team can give world tertiary Spain Chinese group cause menace besides, other actual strength of two teams whole is not over Chinese female basket. But those who need an attention is, chinese female basket ever lost an election in the Olympic Games the cherish on contest of qualification of contest Asia area is defeated at Korea team, accordingly 10 thousand canno

t treat sth lightly quite, still need firm in strive for victory, within one's grasp of Fang Nengsheng certificate.

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