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Sun Yang listens beginning and end of incident of a shot in the arm is detailed latest news of hearing of process Sun Yang

Local time 9:10 a.m. (Beijing time 4:10 p.m. ) , the Sun Yang hearing that international sports arbitration tribunal holds in Switzerland Mengtele begins formally. Eye vestibule careful has undertaken first time 15 minutes rest front courtyard time.

The hearing makes a speech by Sun Yang above all and answer the inquiry of jury. Sun Yang recollected the alleged force that happened on September 4, 2018 to fight a few detail of check incident, namely a shot in the arm at that time detects the identity of personnel is put in very big question, and the proposal that Sun Yang is the relevant leader that saves sports bureau according to Chinese natant association, Zhejiang and expert, cannot provide hematic sample and uric kind to the personnel of identity impeach.

When the hearing begins, act as an assessor grows Fuladini to ask all round, sun Yang can state a fact only, cannot publish speculation.

Sun Yang is recollected, on September 4, 2018, IDTM company (international swim a shot in the arm of couplet accredit detects orgnaization) detect the check of the medicine outside be being surpassed that has conventional in the home that personnel comes to him. But he discovers, detect by 3 personnel comprises detect the group does not have complete accredit file, saving sports bureau to Chinese natant association and Zhejiang after relevant leader and expert report this one case, grandson Yang Xiang detects the group puts forward, detect personnel must have complete accredit file, detected to his a shot in the arm that day ability proceed.

On the hearing, on behalf of the juror that the world turns over orgnaization of a shot in the arm Buluntenuoweiciji tries a few times to let Sun Yang admit, he is to reject intentionall

y to cooperate a shot in the arm to detect at that time, sun Yang footing expresses brightly, oneself are a shot in the arm when be not what often cooperate to undertake becoming detects above all, final a shot in the arm detects did not succeed, because detect,be personnel cannot offer complete accredit document.

Sun Yang still points out, the personnel of responsible blood check is detecting undertake to oneself video films actually in the process, claiming is his vermicelli made from bean starch, this is special not professional practice, this also makes an any athletes very difficult trust a such a shot in the arm detect group, and later Sun Yang also discovers, this a shot in the arm detects the accredit file of the group is not complete.

What Buluntenuoweiciji says no less than, regard a world as famous athlete, the frequency that a shot in the arm has accepted to detect before Sun Yang is already close 200, but never had happened to defy detected incident. And a document that the basis reveals on the hearing today, the outside be being surpassed 117 times a shot in the arm that has had till 2018 in Sun Yang detects in, having 60 times is by IDTM the company is in charge of, never had appeared likewise Sun Yang defies det

ected circumstance. Sun Yang expresses, because a shot in the arm before detects,the group can provide complete accredit file, identification, very regretful is on September 4, 2018 that time, detect the identity impeach of personnel. This also brought about the happening of the so called violent incident that fight check directly.

This second the hearing still is continueing at present, later, the world turns over orgnaization of a shot in the arm, international swim couplet and relevant witness also will be accepted ask ask. (Ci Xin of reporter of network of youth of China of Chinese youth newspaper)

Original title: Sun Yang hearing is sessional, sun Yang states: A shot in the arm detects responsibility of staff capacity impeach edits: Ke Jinding