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Distant basket advocate not enemy wide mansion opens contest two defeat Guo Ailun 11 minutes repeatedly Stephen dark 33 minutes

Distant basket advocate not enemy wide mansion opens contest two defeat Guo Ailun 11 minutes repeatedly Stephen dark 33 minutes

4 days, this steel group is in Liaoning CBA league matches in the 2nd round of match advocate with 90: 103 not enemy team of Zhejiang wide mansion, lot leaves contest two be defeated repeatedly.

The match begins, liaoning team feel is fervent, teammate of Han Dejun successive secondary attack hits 8: Of 0 notch Xiaogao is wet. But unwilling give the impression of weakness takes Li Jinglong of wide mansion team 5 minutes to help team impendent score r

epeatedly. Successive error, shoot a basket loses line of after this Liaoning accurate, wide mansion team takes the chance with 19:18 banner ends first.

On November 4, liaoning this steel group player Li Xiaoxu (left) defend in the match Jackson of player of team of Zhejiang wide mansion. That day, in league matches of profession of basketball of man of China of 2019-2020 sports season (CBA) convention surpasses the match the 2nd round in, liaoning this steel group advocate with 90 than 103 not enemy team of Zhejiang wide mansion. Yang Qing of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Second section match, begin of Reynolds at present takes team of wide mansion of 6 minutes of helps to enlarge lead dominant position further repeatedly. Liaoning team fails to look for turn around and stretch out one's hand to feel as before, what low planted agent height invites Liaoning group pass to defend on field exist in name only. Second section battle stops, liaoning team is backward two digit.

Yi Bian again battle, li Jinglong 3 minutes of balls are again medium dozen stop Liaoning group, cent difference comes. The 3rd battle stops, wide mansion team with 75:52 continue to precede. Minor details decisive battle, because wide mansion team changes at present of next Reynolds of great outside help, planted agent defends fragile. Get warm again after a cold spell of Guo Allan condition, he and foreign aids Stephen dark go up continuously basket hits the target to help team will divide difference to narrow for a time. But before backward and too much, liaoning team lags behind finally 13 minutes play away match.

This battle, liaoning whole group 3 minutes of balls score a hit rate is only 22.7% . Stephen dark take 9 bank, notch for full-court highest, guo Ailun gets 11 minutes.

Stephen dark express: We l

eave bureau hit well still, but first half should be hit more betterly, send force to answer a few earlier. We still need to be adjusted morely. As the development of sports season, we can hit better more.

Speak of the play of Liaoning team player, bishop of wide mansion team drills Li Chunjiang says: I feel Liaoning team is developed today is not very sufficient, liaoning team also once was championship team, give their due level without play today. (Zhang Yi flies to reporter Cui Shihao)

Original title: Only field message: Liaoning not enemy wide mansion encounters competition two defeat responsibility editor repeatedly: Li Xiaoling