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College go and artificial intelligence invitational tournament represent Zhan Kejie Tsinghua to attend

Two sides of cup of 2019 elephants island go of 4 big colleges and artificial intelligence invitational tournament on November 2 - garden of industry of condition cable business is crossed 3 days to hold in Xiamen. The match crosses garden of industry of condition cable business in Xiamen 2 buildings 8 buildings are muti_function hall is held, ke Jie will attend relevant activity on behalf of Tsinghua university.

Can divide an assembly room as cross-strait article rich and the significant activity that the corresponding period conducts, two sides of this match gather the go ace of 4 top colleges takes part in the match, each college takes part in the match the team is comprised by alumnus and student, it is the leader of a sports team by a national champion, this is university of Tsinghua university, Beijing University, Taiwan, Xiamen university 4 colleges are the same as stage athletics first.

During the match, chess wisdom will appear on one of the world's at present most advanced industry robots first Xiamen, hold go arena contest, issue a challenge to whole town, in addition, world champion Ma Xiaochun still will be in 3 days 9 paragraphs to undertake grail explain to the match afternoon, reach in algorithm of Xiamen union artificial intelligence first get the better of rate undertake analysing.

Xiamen of semifinal of league matches of Chinese go first class resembles island special performance on November 6, xiamen nation force combines team of Hangzhou of famous city of team VS Long Yuan to cross garden of industry of condition cable business to hold in Xiamen.

Artificial intelligence is current world most one of industries that reflect level of science and technology, also be one of markets that will not have latent capacity most. The go player of 4 colleges combines AI (artificial intelligence) , promote the active communication of cross-strait culture not only, drive civil the collaboration that starts an industry, drive go and artificial intelligence gain ground and develop, what also will promote chess art further is professional with interactive sex.

4 big top colleges are the same as two sides first the stage is right play chess

4 big top colleges that take part in the match it is university of Tsinghua university, Beijing University, Xiamen and Taiwan university. Each school takes part in the match team by comprise in school student and alumnus, come from each major, different domain, representing on certain level at present the actual strength of each school. Among them Tsinghua college the leader of a sports team is world champion Jiang Weijie 9 paragraphs, beijing University the leader of a sports team is national champion plum 6 paragraphs, taiwan college the leader of a sports team is Taiwan chess king, Tian Yuanshuang adage of Mr Guan Wanglin 8 paragraphs, xiamen college the leader of a sports team is Wang Lu 3 paragraphs.

On November 2 - 3 days morning, sheet circulates between 4 big colleges the match. This second match, come from the battle group that team of 4 big colleges forms by national champion and alumnus, student, every team 6 people, national champion one person presents as leading role, and every team has a female chess player. At the appointed time, chess of the second line of a couplet of a male team member surpasses partner of national champion general, establish individual of one bureau woman individual of man of contest, one bureau is surpassed and one bureau male double contest. Occasion is unusually lively, contest is made vivid and interesting. 4 teams will carry the game of odd loop, give the position finally definitely with integral form.

On November 3 afternoon, hold a special contest strange place contest. Strange place contest holds the position of chief commander by national champion of each the leader of a sports team, choose 3 team member to comprise battle group to have the competition. First-hand chess falls by proper motion of bilateral chief commander child, subsequently play a game of chess, by chief commander the move from team member of one's own side chooses skill to have play a game in the hand. Chief commander has what the opportunity uses him 3 times to select a site, but every use an opportunity to want to be punished 1 child. At the appointed time, boreal general is right Zhan Qinghua, xiamen University is big to battle station.

The double top-ranking university that key of these 3 mainlands makes university of Tsinghua university, Beijing University, Xiamen, it is one of delegates of mainland college wisdom. Taiwan university regards Taiwan as the highest institution of higher learning of the area, gather together Taiwan is top-ranking talent, also be Taiwan wisdom is indicative. This the match is first 4 big top colleges are opposite with the stage play chess, also be cross-strait tip college through go wisdom of open of bridge of this couplet friendship collides.

Ke Jie appears with Tsinghua student status first

This is Ke Jie from this year since university of Tsinghua of enter a school, enter the go activity of outside school with status of Tsinghua college student first. This second Tsinghua university e

xpedited the battle group of 3 alumnus and 2 students composition, by world champion Jiang Weijie presents as leading role 9 paragraphs, had been the powerful group in 4 teams. Ke Jie's arrival, it is to be Tsinghua college team to grace more many. On November 2 morning, besides attend an opening ceremony as specially invite honored guest, ke Jie still will undertake interacting with spot chess enthusiast.

As we have learned, ke Jie took Tsinghua university admission notice on July 26 this year, become Tsinghua college formally 2019 class are industrial and commercial run professional new life, it is Tsinghua university the actual strength on go history most of overmatch in one of school students.

The robot places beat a drum, issue a challenge to whole town people

At present the most advanced industry robot on the world will appear on Xiamen first, garden of industry of condition cable business is crossed to reveal in Xiamen. On November 2 - 3 days, this robot also places next arena while Xiamen is revealed, to whole town all go lover issue a challenge. Should fall only full 50 hands, robot hold Bai Qi, human success is led achieve 30% reach above, will obtain by the elegant souvenir that sponsors system of unit to make.

It is reported, the name is this robot chess wisdom, it is the standard of a go that by Beijing limited company of chess wisdom science and technology develops adjustable the go that accuse is right play chess robot, pass by intelligence feeling (intelligent eye) , intelligence is right play chess (intelligent head) hold with intelligence accuse (intelligent hand) 3 parts system is formed, its core is opposite for the go intelligence that can classify play chess system, can be opposite to it to ace of top class profession from abecedarian battle. The modelling of agile manipulator and bud bud, can fall quickly child, the adversary on chessboard of feeling letting a person is build head the person with clever, sharp reaction.

Artificial intelligence grail says a step

Artificial intelligence element is very rich. Set a stage to place beat a drum besides intelligent robot beyond, on November 3 afternoon at 15 o'clock, strange place surpasses the contest that 4 colleges team will hold a break fresh ground, strange place contest will invite world champion the analytic system that Ma Xiaochun integrates artificial intelligence 9 paragraphs undertakes grail explain, the algorithm that shows artificial intelligence army external through big screen and get the better of rate, analyse the trend of the match, share artificial intelligence and the relevant knowledge that go combines.

Explain besides artificial intelligence grail, the robot challenges outside, still will assemble the book of artificial intelligence go that making work on market at present undertakes centralized revealing, be revealed outwards and relate the origin of artificial intelligence and go and story. Artificial intelligence element is perforative whole journey match, let more person explain the profound things in a simple way understands artificial intelligence, contact artificial intelligence, increase to gain ground with what popularize artificial intelligence field with conduct propaganda.

At present go is the field that catenary of entire industry of implementation artificial intelligence uses, it is the typical case that big data is collected and analyses computational ability is reflected, also be at present company of each science and technology is used at exploring deepness study, than spelling the arena of artificial intelligence level.

2, take part in the match team introduction

Tsinghua college team

The leader of a sports team: 9 paragraphs of economy management learn world champion Jiang Weijie 2017 class of courtyard undergraduate course

Team member: Shenyang connects 6 paragraphs of machinery to tie 2011 degree undergraduate course

5 paragraphs of electric machinery fasten Li Tianchang 2012 degree undergraduate course

Ma Zeyu 5 paragraphs of Chemstry Department 2016 degree undergraduate course

Ren Hao male 5 paragraphs of chemical projects tie 2016 degree undergraduate course

Fan Yakun (female) 2013 degree of college of 5 paragraphs of finance Master

Beijing University team

The leader of a sports team: National champion plum 6 paragraphs of philosophy fasten 2012 class

Team member: Zhang Chenglong 5 paragraphs of cities and environmental institute 2013 class

Lang Rui 5 paragraphs of physics courtyards 2017 class

Qin Xiao science of 5 paragraphs of environments and project institute 2018 class

5 Duan Guanghua management learn Liu Yu courtyard 2019 class

Huang Jia is happy (female) institutes of 5 Duan Guanghua government 2016 class

Taiwan college team

The leader of a sports team: Lin Junyan of king of Taiwan chess king, Tian Yuanshuang coronal 8 paragraphs

Team member: Zhang An large of 7 paragra

phs of chemical place 4

Science and technology of 7 paragraphs of biochemistry fastens Tong Yuqi rich 3

Still average gain of place of physics of 6 paragraphs of astronomy in vain 3

Chen Yu farsighted 6 paragraphs of agriculture Chemstry Department are big one

Xiong Jiayu (female) group of political comment of department of 3 paragraphs of politics is big 5

Xiamen college team

The leader of a sports team: Aigret of king of professional chess player college of 3 paragraphs of public general affairs 2008 class

Team member: International of department of 5 paragraphs of accountings meets Xu Yunkun 1990 class

Liu Jiao institute of 6 paragraphs of aerospace 2008 class

Old Tian Xiao 2007 class of courtyard of 6 paragraphs of law

Liu Chang maths of 5 paragraphs of foundations is professional 2018 class Master

Mei Yingying (female) English of institute of 5 paragraphs of foreign language is professional 2017 class

Original title: College go and artificial intelligence invitational tournament appear Zhan Kejie responsibility to edit on behalf of Tsinghua: Li Xiaoling