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Trojan of fracture of left hand accident gets hurt in the library now wounded soldier situation of one a large bamboo or wicker basket is bad

House leakage slants meet rain of the same night, the injury with golden city true recently Trojan does not rise. Summerly window personnel changes and how terrible of the military successes at the beginning of sports season, this is the dilemma that Trojan faces necessarily, but wait in Lu N

i, library blast in of the general get hurt one after another, let whole group unaware up and down indeed.

Today Trojan is opposite in the match of a sun, assume personal command advocate the Trojan of field with 110 than 121 lose a ball, military successes is only 1 get the better of 3 negative. Nevertheless, most those who let Trojan fan anxious still is the accident in the library gets hurt, this means team to will have player of a brunt again long-term absent.

When this field match undertakes the 3rd, planted agent of the breakthrough in the library and player of the other side produce collision, left hand is in fall down get hurt in the process, also did not return field again subsequently. After according to Trojan general manager Miles is surpassed, disclose, the left hand fracture in the library. Additionally the message says, the place that gets hurt in the library is left hand the 2nd metacarpal.

Going up early actually during the contest after sports season season, be affected in the library by left hand the condition of an injury, from western after dislocate of finger of semifinals left hand, injury of the injury in the library stops, more or less to affect western semifinals, western the play of finals and total final. Mix as to today's the condition of an injury on whether does the finger dislocate of the contest after sports season season have immediate concern, this will absent how long in the library, whether to need operation treatment? Cannot affirm temporarily at present.


evertheless a bit can decide, the injury list of Trojan has pulled longer more. As a result of left knee cross ligament is torn off, kelaishangpusen wants at least when after complete 2020 star is surpassed, reappear, surpass quarterly reports possibly even to sell; Regard the brunt that at present this bears Trojan as planted agent, lu Ni gets hurt in ministry of a week foreleg, date of return is uncertain; The player such as the Yagebuaiwensi, Si Tan that take an examination of benefit is differred the worry of injury. Below this kind of circumstance, the left hand fracture in the library is huge blow more to Trojan. (reporter Xu Bangyin)

Original title: The injury does not rise! Fracture of left hand of the accident in the library, responsibility of one a large bamboo or wicker basket edits Trojan wounded soldier: Li Xiaoling