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2019CBA body measures begin list: Fang Shuo is avoided measure Li Jia beneficial to run " 17 times "

2019CBA body measures begin list: Fang Shuo is avoided measure Li Jia beneficial to run

CBA body measures 2019-2020 sports season to spread out now, staying power of the first when undertake in the morning special rate checks, include increase of Li Jia of new aid of male basket of Beijing head steel inside major ginseng measures team member successful pass a test.

Body is measured this year still is every team transfers randomly two players, head steel group is smoked medium is Fang Shuo and Li Jia beneficial, former because represented national group to attend a world cup to be able to be avoided,measure, of similar case still have Guo Ailun.

Test of special rate staying power is called to die 17 times to fold return run, a the most difficult test

is in eye of major team member. Li Jia beneficial the 5th group come on the stage the 6th times, need 4 groups to run, the first group ran 60.87 seconds are assuming the achievement at small team member, after doing it 3 groups are won active. Final, he comes down 4 groups average grade 65 seconds, obtained line of 66 seconds pass mark.

4 groups 17 times come down, li Jia beneficial is breathless: What also did not think, run quietly, can hold out come to an end! He feels, the first group comes up run a bit quickly, arrive from the back do not have interest, passed finally fortunately, ending is good. One the most difficult is passed, li Jia beneficial thinks, the project later is relatively easy.

The Zhang Zhaoxu of Shanghai team is this ginseng measures the age in team member the biggest, since CBA begin to smoke after measuring, this has been him the 2nd in be being smoked, character of Zhang Zhaoxu laugh should buy lottery ticket. Fold return run this one, he increases advantageous position through height weight, passing achievement is nearly 80 seconds, zhang Zhaoxu ran into 76 seconds less than each groups, average grade 73.75 seconds, light reach a standard. He expresses, this test is not difficult to oneself.

The Wang Ruheng of Sichuan team does not have step on the line the 3rd group to be sentenced to foul, this does not have achievement, after need opens contest 5 rounds, attend fill measure. (reporter Li

u Chen)

Original title: CBA body is measured begin, fang Shuo avoids measure, Li Jia advantage is great pass a barrier " 17 times " responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling