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Zhan Huang is right China the manner interviews memoir: Mo Lei does not know circumstance China to welcome me all the time

Zhan Huang is right China the manner interviews memoir: Mo Lei does not know circumstance China to welcome me all the time

Attend Ji Qian to surpass toward China from once upon a time, le Bulang did not show a body before media again, and when he is silent, mo Lei incident ferments ceaselessly, the influence affects entire alliance. Today, le Bulang is accepted in los angeles eventually interview, express oneself view formally.

Interview memoir to be as follows:

Ask: Le Bulang, can you describe the disorder that the teammate that issues you and you experiences?

Le Bulang: If the station says in political angle, we lie really a very sensitive and complex position. To my individual character, you these reporters also should know, express view when me, I can talk about me only commonly enough understand and have in all the topic of affection. But this problem, I not only insufficient understanding, and still feel we are complete the team understands not quite, because this cannot publish any comments. Before such, now also is such.

Ask: How should alliance handle this issue?

Le Bulang: I am not affirmatory still. I also cannot the processing method of judge alliance, I feel only, do not know some thing when you, understanding what I say some thing is that is pushed special you won't know forever (buy is judged) can produce what kind of consequence. We saw now, whole alliance and even whole United States and China are affected. Publish opinion on public affairs when you so before, you must consider consequence first, whether to meet harm yourself, injure more person.

Ask: You saw Xiao Hua in China, whether do you feel he accepted the opinion of the player?

Le Bulang: Adam is willing to accept the opinion of player, coach and bosses very much all the time, this is same also. He is particularly difficult also now, be in all the time put out a fire. He can come from Tokyo Shanghai meets with us it is not easy to hold out, our player also each airs his own views, for the future of our everybody in alliance development offerred a proposal.

Ask: Does then fulfiling one's promise meaning go to China again after you?

Le Bulang: With respect to my individual experience character, I feel I am welcomed in China all the time, I go to China ten times, so much second, because,be basketball. I believe basketball can unite popular feeling, unite the people that you do not imagine

at all, my target also is such all the time, bring basketball to China, unite everybody actively. Also be this same, we go to China with basket net, continue to publicize basketball namely, because this is the motion of the world. Future I can continue course of study of this be related.

Ask: The condition that you are in Shanghai how?

Le Bulang: I and my teammate hopes to continue to hit a country to surpass. Be in Shanghai when, a lot of activities were cancelled, we feel only, tian Na, we flew so far distance comes to here, we want to be performed before Chinese fan. So we insist to had made this training that do and preparation all the time, hope to be able to enter the court only.

Ask: After you feel to experience these whether concede points team more unite?

Le Bulang: We becaus

e this work is further,communicate really, pull close relation, a lot of players are in China also because handle respective trade terribly defeated, but so much activity is cancelled, we are much really time of very polyphase part, nevertheless, our brother takes an examination of Xin Si to fail to participate in.

Ask: Do you feel Moleihui is punished?

Le Bulang: I feel I do not have authority to answer these, allied statement is class having a layer, there are a lot of people on me handling this issue, know they are taken out settle way, we everybody does not know to meet how.

This also is one should be not placed to appear on the stage the topic of the face, this work sees the attitude of player, bosses even. To this lesson that we should get the job, it is you are being pushed go up what to can say after all especially. We are to support free speech, dan Yan brings very negative effect by free likelihood, if you take no account of others, think oneself word only. I do not want to follow Daleier - Mo Lei, but I feel he makes a speech below the condition that knows far from. As a result so much person is harmed, go up in finance affairs not only, also have what go up with the mood on the body, so our everybody should speak and act cautiously, even if we enjoy free speech.

Ask: Why do you feel Mo Lei does not know a condition?

Le Bulang: This is the view of myself only. My individual feels he is insufficient really understanding also does not know true condition, if he understands really, that understands. Anyway my individual is so look. Publish opinion on public affairs when you, the speech that should know you may affect the life of a lot of families, gregarious network is not the place that suits to talk about these most certainly.

Original title: Does Le Bulang interview memoir: ? Discharge  extensive is punished by team  ? I said Mo Lei not to calculate responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling