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Section of blind of the 36th international pursues dream girl: 95 hind " blind Hu Rong wins judo championship

In the morning at 9 o'clock half, sports center of Jiangxi Nanchang international, the Hu Rong that wears blue judo to take movement of a back holds teammate Zhou Tao in the arms fall, press after pressing more than 20 seconds, coach Fu Guilian calls Benchangbi to surpass an end, hu Rong notchs.

Come from Jiangxi 95 hind girl Hu Rong, it is this year countrywide incomplete carry meets blind judo woman champion of 78 kilograms of class, this is Hu Rong is engaged in blind judo moving 7 years to come, first carry of incomplete of the whole nation on the station can get award platform.

Again bitter again tired not small talk abandons

A year old of half, hu Rong is sufferred from to have congenital cataract by check fish, after this parents is taking her to beg cure to ask medicine everywhere. Because domestic economy is difficult, eye of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chengdu did not receive very good treatment all the time.

The obstacle on eyesight is perplexing Hu Rong and family. In one's childhood, because Hu Rong sees the word on not clear blackboard, do not follow to go to school the study plan of school, elementary school go up to come home to 3 grade only recuperate.

After couplet of incomplete of county of the chestnut on duckweed country city is informed circumstance of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chengdu, tell her father Hu Shina, the blind is being held to massage in the province groom class,

If can acquire a thing, there is proficiency in a particular line in the future, I am willing to go. Mood of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chengdu tells father sturdily. After this introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chengdu insists to learn the blind to massage two years,

Spring 2012, the opportunity shows appreciation for sb again this girl that does not lower his head to the destiny. In the father that the county works Hu Shina receives telephone call of couplet of incomplete of duckweed country city, say to athlete of woman blind judo is being enrolled in the province, ask Hu Rong otherwise wants to try.

Because the constitution is good, be in charge of chosen staff member with respect to pitch on Hu Rong. But before affirming formally, they say with Hu Rong, blind judo is massaged than the blind should work hard a lot of, chengdu letting moustache goes back mature clear decide to want not to come again.

Return the place that go to work, hu Rong and maternal Tang Yanping understand a telephone call, she cries suddenly in the phone greatly. Tang Yanping understands the daughter's idea, hu Rong does not know him whether insist to come down.

You go, no matter you encounter what difficulty, we can support you all the time. Tang Yanping tells Hu Rong in the phone.

Be a mother encouraged courage of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chengdu and direction, the blind is massaged when can do, blind judo can be done when he is only young, again bitter again tired cannot small talk abandons. The following day, the person that Hu Rong saves incomplete couplet accordingly went Nanchang.

For prospective life, for at the outset dream

Hu Rong just arrived when group of blind judo movement, whats do not understand. And blind judo motion is an athletics sports project that values skill. The Fu Guilian that holds the position of Hu Rong's coach all the time says.

Look basically as a result of Hu Rong not clear, fu Guilian hotshot handle, foot gives her to demonstrate each movement crural ground: Fu Guilian is to press him requirement of a movement to place ace and foot first, let Hu Rong be experienced with hand and foot next, when after Hu Rong understands Chu Zhi, let herself place good start according to a moment ago pose again, explain every part to her.

Carry such day after day

just about, year answer one year the ground trains, hu Rong mastered judo movement and skill gradually. Train in great quantities everyday however, add judo movement antagonism strong, make below a lot of injuries fall on body of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chengdu.

When Hu Rong just came, undertaking defyinged clavicle is hurt when training with a new team member. The Hu Rong that is without experience at that time thinks is small sprain only, oneself are held out went, insisted to drill a month again then. When aching to be borne hard, she just decides to see a doctor. Hu Rong tells after the doctor is checked, she is clavicular fracture.

When playing the game, finger, foot points to, the small links such as artifice, ankle often also can get hurt. There is a feeling completely when the match, the ability after end realizes where he got hurt. Hu Rong is light laugh.

It is the edge raises an edge to drill the edge is surpassed at ordinary times, for prospective life, for at the outset dream, bite gnash one's teeth to insisted to come down. Hu Rong shows unusually sturdy expression.

What I think judo of the blind on the station is highest the stage that receive award

When playing the game formally for the first time, I feel him what match can be hit, admire presumably now at the outset oneself courage. Hu Rong entered championship contest of countrywide blind judo first in Beijing 2013, although did not take the place, but she is mixed with this courage just about the blind judo career that insisted to begin oneself.

2014 on tounament of countrywide blind judo, hu Rong wins second place; She carried off countrywide incomplete carry meets woman blind person again 2015 judo project second place; 2017 on tounament of countrywide blind judo, she is picked woman champion of 78 kilograms of class, defend crown successfully after a year; 2019, she carries off countrywide incomplete carry meets the blind person judo this level champion.

Come 7 years, hu Rong attends greatly small national, local match to amount to ten. Play the game every time, I am very nervous. Speak bluntly of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chengdu. And she feels adversary also is met nervous, comfort oneself through such means, often can loosen come down, laughing to welcome each competition.

Countrywide incomplete carry is met this year on, hu Rong harvested gold not only, still encounter ace of more blind judo. After returning Nanchang from Tianjin, coach and she begins to sum up this second match, study the adversary that encounters possibly next time, for 2021 eleventh countrywide incomplete carry can prepare.

When just coming here, I placed an end to oneself, what I think judo of

the blind on the station is highest the stage that receive award. Hu Rong says. (reporter Min Zuntao)

Original title: Soft in the girl pursueing a dream with firm belt -- " 95 hind " Hu Rong responsibility edits blind judo champion: Li Xiaoling