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Player of much Trojan of Mo Lei incident becomes victim liquid Pu Senxin shoe just gave a loss quite big

Player of much Trojan of Mo Lei incident becomes victim liquid Pu Senxin shoe just gave a loss quite big

Mo Lei is being pushed go up especially undeserved opinion on public affairs also NBA caused tremendous effect, it is quiet in the United States prepare for war the Trojan of new sports season also by be involved in disturbance.

How to step to announce to will be stopped already with NBA company renew the contract negotiation, many player calls a brave and strong person directly victim.

Ferment in Mo Lei inc

ident when, clay - Thompson still is in bay area attends the propaganda that how steps, do the own job of good spokesman, but now, his unfavorable situation is extremely awkward.

Besides him, the player that installing gets stepping assistance still includes Kevin - Lu Ni and Yagebu - Evan.

Thompson has not made clear pair of Mo Lei incident to make known one's position, but Evan has can'ted restrain anxious mood.

I do not know the detailed condition of this thing really, do not have a law what to comment on. But I follow how to step an autograph to make an appointment with, have immediate increase concern. I by Trojan pitch on, and Trojan is enraged in the Chinese so tall, I return find oneself originally good. The person energy of life of my hope Trojan does not want by finish, I insist to wear the shoe that how steps even this year.

But if how step to reject to follow NBA really,cooperate again, new sports season still does not wear Evan to go up how to step a shoe really, after all he is custom-built without the individual paragraph. As to Lu Ni an

d Thompson, although they may continue to wear (Lu Ni today summer signed 2 years, thompson signed 10 years 2017) , but future also has a lot of inaccuracy decide.

Thompson just rolls out new shoe, mo Lei is pushed special virtually produced huge commercial loss for him, he but too bad luck.

Face similarity situation, still have those who follow how to step collaboration bright much (lake person) with Heyward (Kaierte person) .

Original title: Does much Trojan player become: of Mo Lei's victim?  of discharge of ┲ of  of whencing silk ribbon puts edition of responsibility of soul Qu? : Li Xiaoling