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Military successes of world cup of women's volleyball of all previous China reviews winning history of watch of achievement of world cup of Chinese women's volleyball

Military successes of world cup of women's volleyball of all previous China reviews winning history of watch of achievement of world cup of Chinese women's volleyball

Carry off as Chinese team 2019 the champion of world cup of Japanese women's volleyball, the division of the person that this pays Chinese gymnastic king in world volleyball oneself the amount of pot of the champion on 3 contests increased 10. Since women's volleyball of generation China establishs new 1951 China, harships course of nearly 70 years, the travel before the each pace of Chinese women's volleyball is condensing the spirit that struggles grittily, difficultly; The backside of 10 worlds champion, it is the effort of person of generation acting volleyball and sweat, also be hardships of classics of all previous of the Chinese nation new stand towering like a giant at world nation forest dramatic testimony. Winning video of Chinese women's volleyball is answered put address of video of championship of women's volleyball of full-court kinescope China to watch the entrance

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In November 1951, generation China women's volleyball of new China holds water in Beijing, practice of bishop of the first to be appointed to an office is Ma Yaohan of educationist of famous sports of Ma Qiwei China second child. Thenceforth begins, the coach such as Ma Qiwei, Liange, Rao Yurong, Que Yongwu, Li Zongyong, guiding Chinese women's volleyball to drive a cart in ragged clothes to blaze a new trail-endure great hardships in pioneer work on the road that moves toward the world, all the way before row.

1974, the bishop drills Li Zongyong leads first time of Chinese women's volleyball to stand on the arena of the Asia Game, this young team with one action carried off the Ji Jun of Teheran Asia Game. After 4 years, on December 10, 1978, it is the day of the first race of Asia Game of Bangkok of go on an expedition of Chinese women's volleyball. That day, it is equal first time of young main attack man appear in the match of national group, also be her birthday.

At that time, everybody fails to think of, man makes the same score this name, accompanying Chinese women's volleyball to experience from now on what kind of brilliant, setback and rise.

In November 1979, chinese women's volleyball first south city issueing Chen, in Chen city base the canopy that use bamboo builds the go through the mill in the training house that rise 47 days. Subsequently, team the 2nd when go out for a battle held in Hong Kong in December inferior bright and beautiful surpass and win Asian championship first. 1981, chinese women's volleyball trains house training the 3rd times, this they waited for 67 days here. The target has only, the world cup of the 3rd women's volleyball that that reached 16 days to be held in Japan on November 7 namely.

At that time, day of top player of Chinese women's volleyball attain mature, fast and changeful have both style of take by storm has been formed. After successional conquer Brazil, Russia, Korea, Bulgaria and Cuba, chinese women's volleyball performed 5 bureaus big fight with American women's volleyball, lang Ping, Zhang Rongfang is opposite a Haman of world-class famous general and Crockett, sino-US two teams spread out to be as long as of two many hours attack prevent big fight, final China fights opponent of 5 bureaus win by a narrow margin painstakingly. This argue, the match of world top level is known as at that time, showed the development way of woman volleyball future.

On November 16, in team of Osaka gymnasium China last are opposite Japanese team. Imposing manner of Chinese women's volleyball gets the better of two bureaus first like rainbow, defended team of crown champion Japan to delay the competition tenaciously bureau of decide the issue of the battle of the 5th bureau nevertheless. Finally 15 smooth the moment of truth, chinese team is gotten the better of surely with two block lock bureau. 7 battle 7 get the better of, chinese women's volleyball receives in glory world champion first, achieve the historic breakthrough of 3 big balls of Chinese, a when also initiated world women's volleyball at the same time epochal.


, the State Council sends congratulatory telegram, congratulant China women's volleyball obtains world champion. " People's Daily " front page print sends news analyst article " study women's volleyball, revitalized China China to win " , write so among them: This kind of drive that uses Chinese women's volleyball goes carrying modernization, cannot He Chou modernization come true?

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Regard new division world as champion, chinese women's volleyball is in Peruvian 1982 world encountered pawn on bright and beautiful contest one club, in group contest unexpectedly of team of the 2nd China is over to be defeated by American team, this suffers a defeat mean, chinese team is in the intermediary heat phase of after this, must every with 3:0Take next opponent, just promote likely semifinals. The Chinese women's volleyball under hopeless situation erupts tremendous energy, face the one numerous strong opponent such as Cuba, Hungarian, Russia and Australia, one bureau did not lose Chinese women's volleyball promotion semifinal. At that time, the bishop drills Yuan Wei civilian alleviates to give team member pressure, ground of occur for the first time hum sing ditty, the result is sung without was in on tone, offend team member people the setting that burst out laughing, also became a paragraph of a much-told story.

The Chinese women's volleyball of be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation does not have apprehension again, semifinals is over this team success day entered world bright and beautiful to surpass finals first. The host that defeated American team is faced in finals Peruvian team, women's volleyball girls drop a load already completely, with 15:1, 15:5With 15:11 fall continuously 3 bureaus are taken Peruvian, head seize world bright and beautiful to surpass champion.

The reportage that records winning miracle of Chinese women's volleyball " Jin Beizhi is smooth " ever selected textbook of middle school Chinese, write so among them: Their smile is condensing the joyance of the people of the whole country. The hope of the motherland and people makes they won't lose the ongoing power that rises in the setback forever!

After contest of world bright and beautiful gains the championship, chinese women's volleyball is in the Asia Game attends toward Indian Xin Deli before November in those days. Through 5 3:0battle, chinese team selects the gold that gets an Asia Game first. The Asia Game in new moral character is in China also is an important milestone on sports history, chinese delegacy carries off on current Asia Game 51 61 gold, silver medal and 41 bronze medal rank a list of names posted up of medal a list of names posted up in all head. From now on, asian first throne all the time in the hand that firmly ground grasps in Chinese delegacy, never by fall.

After two years, chinese team is in American team was defeated in the final of los angeles Olympic Games 1984, carry off first Olympic Games gold, finished a contest 3 Lian Guan. Crown is defended in get sth done without any letup 1985 after champion of women's volleyball world cup, chinese women's volleyball was greeted change blood greatly, and before bright and beautiful contest began life of Czechoslovakia women's volleyball 1986, bishop of Chinese women's volleyball drills because body reason asks decline,Deng is like Cengyou. In critical hour, dying of player of brunt of two old women's volleyballs recieves orders instigated this important task. The Zhang Rongfang that has held the position of Sichuan to save Sport Commission vice director at that time takes up the post of a bishop to drill, and just retire before long the partner that Lang Ping becomes her. Zhang Rongfang and Lang Ping guide a player people alive withstood in the final of bright and beautiful contest the powerful attack firepower of Cuba team, with 3:1Triumph, accomplished Chinese women's volleyball 5 Lian Guan's miracles.

Guiding player without a stop to be taken 1986 after the champion of the Asia Game, zhang Rongfang and Lang Ping leave off his post. Chinese women's volleyball also began a paragraph to overflow long adjustment subsequently period.

From 5 to 0 arrive again 2

In the look that expects in countless compatriots, enter adjust period Chinese women's volleyball is in when hold the post of episcopal experienced Li Yaoxian lead the pressure go out for a battle with powerful move leaving a top 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Chinese women's volleyball won bronze medal finally, this grade is not poor, but compare with 5 Lian Guan's rays, it is especially in semifinals 0:1The dazzling score of wing of 5 negative Yu Su, allow fan temporarily people accept hard.

After entering 90 age, cuba women's volleyball begins to creat 8 powerful dynasties of Lian Guan, and Chinese women's volleyball fails to stand again the peak of world of on 3 contests, but in lowermost cereal when, chinese women's volleyball as before never admit defeat, go before encourage. 1995, the character Lang Ping that Chinese women's volleyball greeted to be familiar with is discharged by China assist hire drill for bishop of Chinese women's volleyball. After assuming office, lang Ping begins to transform a women's volleyball, the style that allows Chinese women's volleyball hits a law to begin synchronism of contemporaneity bound tide, arrange of this with one action makes her successful lead Chinese women's volleyball to walk out of trough, obtain one after another silver medal of Atlanta Olympic Games was mixed 1996 1998 runner-up of tounament of women's volleyball of the 13rd world. Because fail all the time,do not pass the stage receiving award of return world champion, lang Ping announced resignation 1998.

2000 on Sydney Olympic Games, rank of Chinese women's volleyball slid the 5th. China is discharged assist in but under enabled the Chen Zhong that holding accent of Fujian of a dense and hold the position of Chinese team bishop to drill.

Although little known, dan Chenzhong and act are bold and decisive, he enabled a batch of young players such as Zhao pistil pistil, Feng Kun, Yang Hao early or late, made oneself brand deeply to Chinese women's volleyball, even the song that women's volleyball girls like to sing most at that time, also became what sing with the word austral Fujian " the world first-class " . Move wholeheartedly in what Chen Zhong mixes teach next Chinese women's volleyballs to rise abruptly quickly. 2003 Japanese world cup, the Chinese women's volleyball after undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth gets the better of Japanese women's volleyball greatly, the world champion that harvested long parted 17 years, the name such as pistil of pistil of Feng Kun, Zhao, Zhou Sugong, Liu Yanan begins to become Chinese pride, and after this gained the championship like miracle of Athenian Olympic Games 2004, let this raise Chinese women's volleyball to having to be record in the name gold generation of annals.

In March 2004, be known as the world at that time the first pair is attacked, the Zhao Rui pistil that holds an award of optimal drop shot in both hands on the world cup is abrupt in training fracture, be in the China that seizes Olympic Games champion again to annals the women's volleyball is heavy biff. Chinese team is moved temporarily came with fast and agile be good at deputy attack Zhang Ping. In Athenian Olympic Games first match faces the United States when, zhao pistil pistil entered the court 3 minutes to be sent again with respect to old injury only. The Zhang Ping that fortunately dying recieves orders hit a most outstanding ball in athletic career, help China women's volleyball had been stridden head close, took finals all the time.

After this is counted year, the miraculous big changeover that women's volleyball of China of final of women's volleyball of Athenian Olympic Games performs is the topic of people take delight in talking about all the time. Finals is opposite a Russia women's volleyball, chinese women's volleyball is prevenient Jing day changeover comes true with exceeding strong volition below the case that loses two bureaus, 20 years are lain between to recover Olympic Games champion when. That kills winning instant absolutely, how many compatriots heats up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye.

After Beijing Olympic Games harvests bronze medal, the veteran such as the Feng Kun that suffers ill worry, Zhou Sugong retires, gold generation respond to a curtain call, chinese women's volleyball was immersed in again become silent.


In experience London Olympic Games was lost 2012 do not have a predestined relationship at Japanese women's volleyball 4 strong awkwardness one behind the curtain, lang Ping came back again. In May 2013, man makes the same score formal assume leadership to teach again Chinese women's volleyball, blow the bugle of renascence. After two years 2015 world cup, 11 years are lain between to seize 3 contests champion again when Chinese women's volleyball.

Achievement of world cup of Chinese women's volleyball expresses 10 coronals king to review military successes of world cup of women's volleyball of all previous China to gain the championship the history

The Olympic Games is made an appointment with in 2016, the how terrible that the Chinese women's volleyball of important task gained the championship to greet to never had had since bear once more leaves bureau: The group is surpassed two get the better of 3 negative, was defeated by Holand, Saierweiya and United States early or late, stumble the ground was entered 8 strong. In the quarterfinal, chinese team confronted group of Brazil of the champion that defend crown, Amphitryon. Team of the Brazil before this is maintaining pair of China women's volleyballs 8 years 18 Lian Sheng's records, but Chinese women's volleyball showed the women's volleyball spirit that is in adversity not to abandon more more to common people again, in intermediary heat Chinese women's volleyball goes all out full 5 bureaus eventually with 3:2Force overcomes Brazilian women's volleyball, the lock is decided 4 strong last banquet. Succeed again in semifinals avenge final of push forward of Holand women's volleyball, that match gets Zhu Ting of 33 minutes alone a piece of photographs ar

e red alled over a network. On the photograph, her complexion cold high, the Lie on corners of the mouth, vertical stroke has finger, the gas of the Wang Zhe of the world of a pair of look at sb disdainfully.

Last battle, chinese women's volleyball meets Saierweiya head-on, prevenient 3 bureaus are pulled repeatedly below the case that loses one bureau, 12 years are lain between to win Olympic Games championship again when. When day TV living broadcast only field closes inspect portion to exceed 70% , before TV set of ten million stage, countless Chinese cheer caper, the warm blood in the heart writhes billowily.

2018 women's volleyball world on bright and beautiful contest, chinese women's volleyball fails to come true 3 Lian Guan, saierweiya eventually oneiromancy becomes champion, chinese women's volleyball obtains Ji Jun. Through a year practice hard, 2019 Chinese women's volleyball again Japan of go out for a battle, open world cup defends crown journey. First battle yokohama, russia of Chinese team sweep anything away and Japan, before 5 one bureau was not broken. Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China of fight in some places one by one, chinese team 3:2Repel the strong challenge of Brazilian team leisurely, 3:0Grind control American group, cleared away two the biggest obstacles on winning road. Decisive battle Osaka, chinese team overcomes Holand of strong opponent of two big Europe and Saierweiya repeatedly, shift to an earlier date one round the lock decided pot of champion of the 10th 3 contests.

Review the history of contest of world of go on an expedition of Chinese women's volleyball, women's volleyball of every time China rises abruptly world of rule the region discharges altar, it is gain the championship from the world cup begin. Nowadays, chinese women's volleyball reachs long-cherished wish to march toward new era on the world cup again, in new journey, never the Chinese women's volleyball that character defeats also is sure to bring more and unforgettable memory to compatriots.

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