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6 Lian Shengding champion walk along Brazil of battle of Chinese women's volleyball situation man is smooth two adjust changeover match

6 Lian Shengding champion walk along Brazil of battle of Chinese women's volleyball situation man is smooth two adjust changeover match

World cup of 2019 women's volleyballs is in day of hassle to one's heart's content, the strongest adversary Brazil line since 5 Chinese women's volleyballs of Lian Sheng encounter competition yesterday is acquired before this. Be in the case that surpasses first leaves a bureau, chinese women's volleyball throws two innings repeatedly, the record that one bureau did not break before 5 games by terminative. There is Lang Ping fortunately under adversity, she adjusts changeover with two the match, chinese women's volleyball is final 3 than 2 get victory. Now afternoon 2 when, 6 Chinese women's volleyballs of Lian Sheng will are opposite an American team (Cctv5 of direct seeding of women's volleyball of United States of Vs of Chinese women's volleyball watchs the entrance) . According to current integral condition, the victory or defeat of this battle walks along decision champion situation.

Fine hand

Lang Ping adjusts changeover match twice

In the match of the first phase of yokohama, chinese women's volleyball with 5 Lian Sheng receives an official, but 5 adversary are not powerful group, fluctuation of Chinese women's volleyball is very clear this. Before Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China of fight in some places one by one, lang Ping reminds team member in training the challenge still is from the back ceaselessly.

The 2nd phase women's volleyball of first adversary Brazil ever had success or failure with each other of Chinese women's volleyball, although this brunt is short of blast, but they still are to divide the Chinese women's volleyball is the biggest menace besides American team. Prepare to be able to go up before contest, it is good that Lang Ping reminds team member to want to do 0 than 2 backward preparation.

What everything makes the same score in man is expected. Match head bureau, chinese women's volleyball only with 25 than get victory of 23 alarmingly dangerous. The 2nd, 3 bureaus, chinese women'

s volleyball is to be below lead case by adversary changeover. Especially the 3rd bureau, chinese women's volleyball leaves bureau hit for a time 8 than 1. For the Chinese women's volleyball that to before this 5 battle one bureau did not lose, big score 1 have some of accident than 2 backward corner.

Ability of meet an emergency is a bit poorer still. After contest answer dish when the match, man guidance says frankly team has some of inattentivegeneral idea, it is ourselves error slants much, serve when us hair do not break down when adversary is passed, we serve error, drop shot error came completely, the situation that makes us original and advantageous becomes adverse.

Be exceeded to begin instead by adversary from the 2nd bureau, lang Ping realized team problem is in: Serve dozen of not dead adversary, be about to send force on follow-up aggression. The 3rd bureau begins, lang Ping changes Li Yingying, with main attack of partner of bright red graceful, head Zhang Changning of hair main attack changes dozen of reinforce. After this, the aggression of Chinese women's volleyball had improvement.

Right now nevertheless Brazilian team has risen situation, add in main attack those who compare drive next is in team of China of changeover of middle of the 3rd bureau. Before the 4th bureau begins, lang Ping again fine tuning battle array, with Gong Xiang eaves changes Zhang Changning to take up the post of reinforce. This adjusts function apparent, gong Xiang eaves produces oneself advantage adequately, while stability is passed, save for many times danger.

Under adversity, be like,man is adjusted twice smooth effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life. After she is surpassed, express, it is very normal that difficulty is encountered in the match, encountering test may not ahead of schedule is evildoing, we must want a basis to face the situation of field, try diverse lineup, different equipment, this match also is to should exercise a procession.


of heart of Zhu Ting Yuan closes chop 52 minutes

Besides Lang Ping's wonderful foresight, chinese women's volleyball can changeover returns the outstanding performance with profit from individual player. This field match, zhu Ting and join forces of Yuan heart contribute 52 minutes, it is the safeguard of team get victory.

Before 6 rounds give fight 5 times, zhu Ting notchs for many times on 20. This battle bars in the key of Brazilian team prevent below, zhu Ting still gets 26 minutes, aggression is achieved into power 50% . Chinese team altogether is attacked 152 times, zhu Ting a person undertakes the whole thing 50 times, occupy the 1/3 of whole group. Bureau of decide the issue of the battle, 6 times aggression gets Zhu Ting 3 minutes, it is take by storm notchs these 3 minutes.

Face Brazilian team to add the take by storm than waiting for a person, zhu Ting is defending end also contributes fine much. Full-court match, she assumed 21 to be passed, reach the designated position rate achieve 28.57% , for this tall to one in front of player very god-given. Be in especially middle of bureau of decide the issue of the battle, face Brazilian team to be chased after a few times continuously hair, of Zhu Ting pass reach the designated position entirely. In addition, she or whole group receive hair number the team member of the more than 2nd.

The Zhu Ting after contest is used only in the performance that the quadrature in compasses evaluates him, but the opinion that she gives teammate Yuan Xin is perfect however.

Before a few matches, holding the position of pair of Yuan Xin that attack is Zhu Ting's foil all the time. But in this tough fight, she chops below 26 minutes, stand side by side with Zhu Ting become what Benchangbi surpasses to notch king. Be worth what carry is, she is become from 1999 every ball notchs make since executing, chinese women's volleyball is divided in the Chanchangde on world contest highest deputy attack.

This year station of Hong Kong of world league matches is opposite in the match of Italian team, yuan Xin has had the show of 20 + , be whole group notchs after Zhu Ting the player of the more than 2nd. In last few years, chinese women's volleyball is given priority to with Zhu Ting launch attack, deputy attacking is not a key, but Yuan Xin depends on an artful interest in team aggression end held position. This field match, her action and Zhu Ting are about the same.

The actual strength on the net of Brazilian team not common, in double main attack of Zhu Ting, Li Yingying strong when hitting a law to break through mate defense line very hard, a lot of times aggression hits Yuan Xin very ably, catch ball, punching ball to let adversary impossible to defend effectively. The first bureau and end of bureau of decide the issue of the battle paragraph, a few times when Chinese team depends on Yuan Xin just about short smooth sharp attack laughed finally.

Before look up

Sino-US one battle decides champion to go situation

This second the world cup uses odd round robin to make, 12 team play 11 games each, press integral sort finally. This labor force overcomes Brazil, chinese women's volleyball is obtained 6 Lian Sheng. Distribute news dispatches up to the reporter, the dominant position that Chinese women's volleyball separates by right of gain and loss continues to rank integral a list of names posted up head.

Next, chinese women's volleyball should meet the United States, Kenya, Holand, Saierweiya, Argentina head-on early or late. Photograph comparing is final the actual strength of 4 adversary, a stratagem which ensures success of Chinese women's volleyball is very great, so now the direct engage in a battle with American team, the champion with probable final left and right sides goes situation.

American women's volleyball is right this second the world cup takes seriously very much, they expedited total main force to come to Japan almost. Although in the world last year women's volleyball of the China on bright and beautiful contest ever defeated American team twice, but team of after this United States undertook changing in many positions, neozoic player sadly carry on, advocate hit a battle array to lie mostly should hit year.

Current world cup the first phase, american women's volleyball is in with Brazil, Saierweiya, Holand 3 fall by force with the circumstance of the group, still harvested 5 Lian Sheng, after residing China because of of short duration of bureau cent inferior position only, sino-US two strong formed contend for a coronal the first group.

This sports season, chinese team already was defeated adversary twice, the match that door of river of league matches of world women's volleyball stands, the Chinese group that gives fight with brunt battle array with 0 than 3 not enemy the United States, the total final later, with the reserve advocate hit Chinese group with 1 than 3 not enemy the United States, without the predestined relationship 4 strong. From before in light of engage in a battle, of American team strong changeful hit a law to often let be unable to stand of Chinese women's volleyball.

But stand in door of river of women's volleyball league

matches, lang Ping did not let Yuan Xin head hair, without reinstate Li Yingying, wang Mengjie is done not have at all more into name sheet. This perhaps is Lang Ping's strategy, she does not want to be before old rival, expose oneself actual strength completely. And the American team that this some day takes part in the match originally, the player that pays a team then with river door station just about comprises for ordinary members of theatrical troupe, chinese women's volleyball considered to appear already.

In yesterday cling to right definitely before, american team coach will watch fight presently, for the fight hand to hand of two teams prepares today. Be opposite a Brazilian contest hind, should be asked whether this battle is right Sino-US one battle has draw lessons from action, lang Ping not the front replies, say I feel a field is main only.

This edition is interviewed and write / Deng Han of reporter of new capital newspaper grants

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