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Shi Zhiyong is lifting weights brave of contest of world bright and beautiful seizes 3 gold to break two worlds record

Last night, in Thailand Ba bank elegant bright and beautiful contest uploads held weight lifting world come good news: Shi Zhiyong of champion of peaceful wave athlete, Olympic Games is in the man is developed in match of 73 kilograms of class outstanding, with snatch 166 kilograms, clean and jerk 197 kilograms, assembly accomplishment carries off 363 kilograms this project 3 gold, break clean and jerk and total result two worlds record.

Weight lifting world bright and beautiful contest is the gold match that international cites couplet, also be the mainest integral competition before Tokyo Olympic Games. Take part in the match the athlete is in only the Olympic Games takes enough integral in integral

contest, just can obtain the Olympic Games take part in the match qualification.

In the snatch match of advanced travel, shi Zhiyong tries early or late lift 160 kilograms, 163 kilograms all succeed, subsequently he comes on the stage the 3rd times, try cite 166 kilograms of successes, such he did not carry off be concerned aboutingly the gold of snatch project. Try 3 times lift all announce a success, the state that shows Shi Zhiyong is admirable, compared with be in first half of the year this year Ning Bo inferior his performance when bright and beautiful contest is more steady.

Match of subsequently clean and jerk, it is the individual show that became Shi Zhiyong more. He tries when coming on the stage the 2nd times cite 197 kilograms of successes, broke the world record of clean and jerk and total achievement.


e graph is ascended for Shi Zhiyong highest the stage that receive award. (eaves of Chen Jiao of Ying Shanshan of reporter of reporter immense forest)

Original title: Contest of world bright and beautiful seizes Shi Zhiyong 3 gold defeat responsibility of two worlds record to edit: Ceng Shaolin