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Since Yao Ming of reason of failure of world cup of Chinese male basket assumes office, grade issue is summed up

Since Yao Ming of reason of failure of world cup of Chinese male basket assumes office, grade issue is summed up

World cup of male 2019 basket is held in China, this also allows fan people male to China basket had taller expect. Before 2 months, chinese male basket is smoked in group medium before last autograph, people cheers one piece acclaim. Nowadays, name of 17-32 of Chinese male basket discharges a contest not enemy Nigeria, without the predestined relationship direct Tokyo Olympic Games. For a short while, chinese male basket is flooded by the quarrelling sound place like tidewater. Bear of pressure, besides male basket will handsome, as basket assist chairman also Yao Ming encounters as much oppugn with all possible means. This China's greatest on male basket history giant, faced the biggest crisis since assuming office.

In Feburary 2017, yao Ming is elected for new allow basket assist palm door person. From now on, yao Ming's identity turned Yao into the chairman from Yao boss. Of Yao Ming assume office, it is people's expectations place returns absolutely. Professional person does professional thing, the reform of Chinese basketball should come by the Yao Ming that knows a ball dominant.

After assuming office, yao Ming undertook a series of reform, the effect also is remarkable. He drove canal of CBA league matches to do depart, let CBA commercialize road to cross gave historic one condition. He raised CBA match amount, standard CBA player contract, reformed CBA judgment to blow penalize an institution. As in those days NBA giant star, yao Ming also is learning the advanced experience of NBA all the time on CBA operation. Below Yao Ming's effort, we must admit, CBA becomes more and more good-looking.

On campus basketball promotion, yao Ming also do one's best. He popularizes corbeil ball to plan, differ according to the child the age paragraph get used to degree to use corresponding basketball installation, got the support of social all circles. His dominant Jing flower plan, choose is outstanding young plant offers scholarship for its, sponsor its to go to American high school to study abroad, develop prospective person with ability for Chinese basketball. The effect of these reform is in instantly is not apparent, but after passing time severe test, its are affected will be far-reaching.

In national group level, yao Ming is bold roll out Gong La two teams double track is made, make more and young player organic can be a country effectiveness. 2018 Asia Game, chinese male basket expedites red line to play the game, beat old rival Iran finally to carry off gold. Rely on half team to carry off only inferior fortune gold, at the same time large quantities of one young players cut a figure, red blue line divides group effect also is remarkable. In addition, summerly Ji Lian surpasses the Las Vegas that male basket of China of Yao Ming thrust attends NBA, let a player people farther in the match of higher level promotion. For male to China basket, attend NBA summer league matches every year to may become normal state later.

Be in current before male basket world cup, yao Ming goes all the way, go too too successful. Half nation group inferior carry gains the championship, a series of warm up surpass triumph, guo Ailun, Wang Zhelin, the backside that the young generation such as fourth Yan Yuhang hits famous hall flourishing concealed the existence of the problem, even if has sound to criticize issue of 3 minutes of male basket penalty shot, balls now and then, also appear faint howev

er, did not get attention.

Stand higher, fall so that jump over firm. Go too suitably all the way in front, let Chinese male basket fight setback ability to be not worth badly. After group contest is defeated by Poland and Venezuela continuously, their state

of mind already was close to breaking down. Nowadays, chinese male basket not enemy Nigeria, without the predestined relationship direct Tokyo Olympic Games, this is last straw as collapsing a camel more. A series of successful act of Yao Ming, concede points is confused people had to male basket expect higher. Once male basket fails to obtain,expect result, fan people tremendous psychology fall also cans be imagined.

This world cup, chinese male basket revealed too much problem. As basket assist palm door person, yao Ming needs to be in charge of to this admittedly, also need to think over really. Without doubt, the time that leaves Yao Ming is not much, but is still having time after all?

Original title: Male basket is defeated in before go too suitably to fasten urgent gush! Give Yao Ming editor of responsibility of a few time again: Li Xiaoling