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Li Nan talks about Chinese male basket: Player and Euramerican the integral difference of powerful group is very big still

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on September 4 report (reporter Wang Chong, Lin Deren, Wang Haoyu) Lian Linan of bishop of Chinese male basket is in group of basketball world c

up 4 days to surpass team last rounds late not enemy Venezuela team hind, chinese team and Euramerican the integral difference of powerful group is very big still.

Li Nan says on the press conference after contest, chinese team made a lot of preparation for this match, very regretful still was defeated by adversary. Team of this match China is behaved very closely in aggression end, especially first half is done badly, dug very large hole to oneself. Second half situation takes a favourable turn somewhat, but adversary has experience very much, did not give Chinese team too much chance.

Li Nan says, from the point of the case that this world cup group surpasses, we and Euramerican powerful group is in the difference of the respect such as figure, force is apparent still. Although planted agent player has definite advantage on height, but overall antagonism ability is poor. This match, chinese team is defeated adversary a lot of rebounds, reflected a player already people reaction is not quite sharp, also be to going all out additionally in grabbing, do not prevail.

Li Nan thinks, from Chinese team player the expression of this match looks, field and on one polish team spell final regret to suffer a defeat, still produced adverse effect to their mentally. With this match of Venezuela team, the height advantage of Chinese team planted agent comes out without sufficient play, advocate if specific aim of the other side defends,do very well, they put the exterior line of Chinese team, weigh bit of contractive planted agent to defend. Chinese team planted agent receives a ball very hard, exterior line is divided inaccessibly again, this is the main reason that suffer a defeat.


uare large of Chinese team rear guard expresses, team of the drill before contest asks to want to be hit so that have patience, but team member people did not carry out this a little bit well in first half, state of mind was not adjusted good all the time. Add adversary to have experience very much, did not give China the group impendent with the opportunity that exceeds score instead. Nevertheless, we repent without time, want to go from inside the shadow that suffer a defeat as soon as possible, strive for had played the game below.

Fang Shuo still expresses, learn a lot of things from this world cup. This China team is being hit the group is paid attention to on the law, every player hopes to blend in his characteristic in team, make contribution more for team, this is important gains.

Original title: Li Nan: Chinese team player and Euramerican very big still liability edits the integral difference of powerful group: Ren Shaojie