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Ike dark country is sufficient undemonstrative report for duty Huang Bowen of translate into excitement makes him rapid blend in

Ike dark country is sufficient undemonstrative report for duty Huang Bowen of translate into excitement makes him rapid blend in

Yesterday morning at 11 o'clock, a suit is recreational the Ike that dress up dark (Aierkesen) below the company that translates Zhang Tengfei in Pu language, walk into Guangzhou the Milky way the naturalization player that Hilton regards the first place on Chinese team history as the public house is

big blood relationship of blame foreign citizen of Chinese origin, the elementary school new student that Ike dark resembles just terming begins is same, elated ground arrives the country is sufficient this special school reports for duty. Although be in in

exceed accumulative total effectiveness nearly 7 sports season, the constant that he regards Chinese team as main force via mixing already is big, on harbor the country of two clubs the foot becomes one with, but a when can make Chinese group, ike dark still is the excitement of heart of unpleasant attack by surprise.

Guangzhou assemble for training

New personality Ike dark report for duty actively

And the country is sufficient in June during assemble for training, warm up same, guangzhou still moisture is rainy, only change is air temperature had before 3 months relatively reduce apparently. Because Guangzhou gets weather of rain of tired Yu Lei continuously, be used to of Wu Xi, Zhang Xizhe, congratulate, Xie Peng flies 4 nations base is early Guangzhou is gone to before setting out late on September 1. Wu Xi because airliner incur loss through delay, just arrive at Guangzhou till 2 days of before dawn.

According to national sufficient coach and the requirement that run a group, country foot people must be in 2 days midday at 12 o'clock half before arrive at hotel of place where troops are stationed to report for duty. Besides 4 afore-mentioned countries that take the lead in setting out outside the foot, the rest that joins lineup of sufficient assemble for training of anthology period country in 22 people, most what report for duty first is Ike dark.

The spot is attacked continuously

Undemonstrative face a nation sufficient administrator

Just passed at 11 o'clock 2 days morning, a suit is recreational the Ike that dress up dark Hilton is walked into below the company in close-fitting interpreter Zhang Tengfei the public house is big. Ike dark is not unfamiliar to everything of Guangzhou, but be in facing brandish to wear still is to appear a little undemonstrative when the fan of the Five-Star Red Flag and the administrator that wear national group dress, when serving personnel communication with the hotel, talking voice is not big also.

Be in in super- , inferior coronal competition ground is awe-inspiring 8 dust god at the moment so bashful that resemble treating the new life of enter a school. After dealing with stop add, he ascended collective of national full member quickly to enter the public house that be stationed in 10 buildings. Before the room that takes to oneself, he passed team to run Guo Rui's room fitly, dian Qiuzheng of Liu of old in those days the leader of a sports team is communicated in He Guorui that evening team Guangzhou head the matters concerned of example.

Although be before this, ike dark and Liu Dian Qiu do not have the be mixed on too much job, but one is a favourite by sb in power on Chinese profession competition ground, one is the hero with sufficient country, below the action of contemporary communication method, two people mutual an understanding with had proper actually. Below the interpreter's assistance, liu gets team and new student to the communication a bit between Ike dark was not violated and feel.

Find an organization

Can become one with quickly with teammate

Subsequently, the mood of Ike dark is rapid by excitement of bashful translate into, this among them a main reason is: In national group, nowhere is not in his brother. For instance, during eating lunch first times in all along with the team, ike dark happens to coincide with respect to the iron magnetism Huang Bowen with him the ground sits together. Two people said to the state is become between josh laugh the happy fruit of sufficient whole group.

In fact, become one with quickly besides the teammate that can control with half the number besides, ike dark is eating, live the medium, Western-style food that the respect gets used to hotel of place where troops are stationed of team of national sufficient atmosphere quickly is tasted rich, more what is more,the rather that Ike dark is not defied to dish of healthy, delicate another name for Guangdong Province.

That dust god that become terror-stricken at the news of each line of defence exceeds in letting makes the central point of Chinese football afresh, to Chinese fan, at the moment Ike dark is not alien any more, however the important support that final of world cup of Qatar of national full impact encircles.

Original title: The nation reachs at the beginning of Ike dark sufficient reporting for duty is undemonstrative yellow Bo Wenrang very he blends in responsibility quickly to edit: Li Xiaoling