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The Zhou Qi of river mad assist of A: The world cup is behaved individually do not be no good on behalf of him

CBA new sports season is first-run and comprehensive spread out, 134-87 of field of Xinjiang group objective gets the better of Sichuan team madly 47 minutes. Zhou Qi returns to a show to take 27 min

utes of next 12 bank 2 secondary attack of 5 lids cap, performance is excellent. On the press conference after contest, zhou Qi makes the central point that media pays close attention to, xinjiang team advocate when the river of handsome A is answering media to quiz, the key evaluated Zhou Qi.

Among the world cup, individual expression cannot represent him (Zhou Qi) ability is no good, his itself is in this position is very excellent special and outstanding. To male basket world cup Zhou Qi suffers doubt fully, the river of A without preamble, I consider again fine athlete, he can have when making a few mistakes.

The river of A returns big favor Zhou Qi to return to Xinjiang team the following expression, he says: The training after he returns team this year and match are very devoted, he studies the effect of the performance that defends two end and play tonight, everybody looks so that see. If he does not have this ability, produce these effect hard.

The river complement of A emphasizes: Zhou Qi still is a tip this locally, home is very outstanding.

The match tonight, it is long parted of week fine jade 2 sports season, 939 days are lain between when, NBA of all previous classics is cut into parts, the CBA head after world cup shadow is beautiful. Be worth what carry is, in the match, sichuan fan people anounce

full-court catcall to Zhou Qi for a time.

Zhou Qi loses the deadly mistake that commits in polish team game in world cup regret, apparent very difficult concede points is confused people forget so quickly. Nevertheless Zhou Qi is tonight in catcall, 14 cast 8 in, take below 27 minutes of 12 bank 5 lids cap the data of 2 secondary attack, the active show that uses competition ground responds to catcall.

Zhou Qi did not appear on the press conference tonight, the river of A was taken heating power river attended a press conference on the west. Return to Xinjiang head show, heating power river shows scene likewise late today on the west, he takes below 17 minutes, 3 minutes of balls 8 cast 5 in.

Original title: Does the force after the Jiang Sai of A hold out Zhou Qi: ? Responsibility of? of suddenly of  of Mang of  of Zhi Huai of Dong of procuress of graupel of  of billows damask silk edits: Ceng Shaolin