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European cup preelection surpasses Italy 2

Beijing time on September 9, european cup preelection surpasses J group the 6th round to begin a have a contest, italian guest field 2 capture Finland than 1 force, 6 Lian Shengji add are gotten run. Begin before long, silent of the Wei Ai side Qieerxi loosens to retreat. Second half, because not compare burst open the door of Lai head mallet. Dark on the west foul inside forbidden zone, ball of general base point breaks even. If Riniao nods ball get the upper hand of.

Begin 4 minutes, a corner kick leaves on the right side of Luode, the dot before Wayisaning contends for a top, left foot of the dot after Tuoyiweiao is hit tall. Subsequently Aimosong is answered chase after with ham muscle is pulled when general radical spells rate, fuluolunqi the reserve comes on the stage.

Fuluolunqi is right Lu Chuanzhong, dark half be high up in the air takes reserve forward position on the west shoot the Deciji that be pulled by hertz single hand holds a beam in the palm. Because Mo Bilai forbidden zone is left,answer knock, insert before Baleila be apart from a disclose of 13 meters of place to shoot be gotten by Heladeciji. Small Jiyesa is right Lu Chuanzhong, because not compare Lai head,one loiter slants a far doorpost.

First half Finland is shot without 1. Seco

nd half at the beginning, luo De strikes back minute of ball, general radical forbidden zone is left be apart from a left foot of 13 meters of place to smoke shoot slant a close doorpost.

Italian second half first shoot breaks deadlock! The 59th minute, small Jiyesa is right Lu Chuanzhong, a pulls Urey head rescue sb from a siege however loiter is nodded backward, because not compare Lai to be in strong top to enter top left corner in before the door 6 meters, 1 than 0. Finland chases after smooth score the 72nd minute. General radical right way is irruptive forbidd

en zone by back dark overturn on the west, dot ball! General radical holds a knife to hit a road personally procurable, 1 than 1.

Beiernadaisiji and Beiluodi come on the stage, change small Jiyesa and Yinmobilai. Italy also obtains bit of ball the 78th minute! The Ni Chuanzhong in admire Lai case, ba Lei pulls shoot to be hit on arm of made of baked clay Yi Saning, wayisaning has yellow card, reriniao advocate the ball that punish a dot is advanced right next horn, 2 than 1.

Original title: Europe preliminary contest - because not compare Lai burst open the door to be like Riniao,responsibility edits Finland of 2-1 of fixed fire Italy: Li Xiaoling