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Actual strength of list of world cup of battle array of Canadian male basket analyses: Mu Lei carries a team big banner

Actual strength of list of world cup of battle array of Canadian male basket analyses: Mu Lei carries a team big banner

Before half month, canadian male basket published the list of training camp primary election that reachs 29 people, besides Number One Scholar is beautiful 2014 Weijinsi is absent, battle array can of whole says luxurious, NBA active service player shares 17 people. Before training battalion open, wait for a reason as a result of injury, chose beautiful congress explore to spend beautiful Baleite to announce 2019, he will not give fight the basketball world cup this year.

For male to Canada basket, this is not small loss of course. Nevertheless, since 2013, canadian male basket produces Benneite, Weijinsi early

or late this explore spends two Number One Scholar and Baleite, the player amount of competition ground of NBA of go on an expedition is blowout type growth more. This also makes team is when select material more know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry, player of even if focus is absent, with current training battalion list looks, they still can be established give a fighting capacity to exceed strong team.

Regard nova of this batch of Canada as medium superexcellent delegate, gumaermulei is in 2016 the 7th arrange a pitch on of the gold that be dug, used 3 sports season merely, he grows the n/COL the head of a family star to dig gold, make whole alliance at the same time most one of full back that get attention.

The 2018-2019 sports season that just goes, solemn thunder field all contributes 4.8 4.2 18.2 cent, backboard, secondary attack, have the magical show that crosses only field 48 minutes, and te

am of surprise rate of peace treaty radical is killed all the way to western semifinals. Not long ago, mu Lei is firm from dig gold to obtain a super contract of 5 years of 170 million dollar, continue to advance to the road stride of complete star.

Do not give an accident, mu Lei will be the absolutely cacique of this Canadian male basket, and beside in him, do not lack capable helper.

Telisitanshangpusen is the important hero that the knight gained the championship 2016, although two this years condition glides somewhat, but the actual strength of center of brunt of total championship team still is put; As 2018 the 11st new show, alexander is to go up the brunt player that sports season pays civilian flier then, be traded to come after thunderbolt, future will be one of cornerstone that team rebuilds; Besides them, the player such as Er of Aolinike, Bao power, Joseph, Di Long, had proved respective actual strength in NBA likewise.

Canadian male basket is about to begin the brigade of the world cup the 14th times, cai Junxi looks at these youths to be written in international arena add new brilliant.

The sports season on team member of focus of Canadian male basket is behaved

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