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Group of trade of million of beautiful of Shenzhen of tall providential and rental regression wraps around the body 33 polo shirt

Beijing time on July 31, government of club of Shenzhen city football announces tall providentia

l in order to lease the form joins in team.

Official announcement is as follows:

Club of Shenzhen city football was reached with club of football of Jiangsu Su Ning and him player a few days ago consistent, u21 player is high providential and rental join in group of trade of Shenzhen beautiful million, he wraps around the body deep sufficient 33 battle gown.

The technology below tall providential foot is flexible, shoot, breakthrough, key is passed the ball is highlighted with the ability in passing, advocate punish technology of corner kick, free kick outstanding, it is to be the same as age in the person above average that exceeds a player. Tall providential 2016 sports season ever group of trade of million of effectiveness Shenzhen beautiful, he is returned to this conduce to strengthen further deep sufficient attack the actual strength that prevents two end.

The hope is tall providential blend in team as soon as possible, with excellent performance help team reachs sports season goal.

Individual data

Full name: Tall providential

Give unripe date: On July 1, 1998

Native place: Liaoning visits D

alian town

Height: 185 centimeters

Weight: 81 kilograms

Idiomatic foot: Right leg

The position: Halfback

Growing experience

2017-2019 sports season, effectiveness buys a line easily at Jiangsu Su Ning, in league matches exceeding in representing Su Ning to be in, come on the stage 49 times, score one ball;

2016 sports season, join in group of trade of Shenzhen beautiful million, the delegate is deep sufficient in in armour league matches and sufficient assist come on the stage 17 times in cup contest;

2013-2015 sports season, on behalf of Spain E team mixes Keneiliya C team plays Aosipidalaite U19 actor chooses Jiatailuoniya league matches;

2013, join Spain to increase run of Tailuoniya's famous example of the blueness that amount to Mu.

Original title: Deep sufficient government announces tall providential and rental regression wraps around the body responsibility of 33 polo shirt edits: Li Xiaoling