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Name of world cup of American male basket is single 19 people battle array list of camp of 2019 newest training

Name of world cup of American male basket is single 19 people battle array list of camp of 2019 newest training

Go two days, although have Le Fu again,such complete star player exits training camp, but American male basket has new blood to join all the time, sheet of newest training camp name already was added to 19 people. In addition, to adjust a team better, drill team was enriched even accompany battle array of drill in formation.

Today, government of American male basket publishs newest training camp list, pulamuli gets the Er of flier player Halley, center that dig gold invite join training camp. Occupy American media coverage additionally, pelican player Lei Di overcomes what achieve American male goal likewise to invite. Accompanying list of drill in formation newly in, special Lei Yang, Fox, Bageli succeed when Gong Xinxiu selected.

Halley Er is the important bench player of the sports season on flier, groovy competition ground all contributes 6.5 16.6 cent, backboard, with Mu of teammate Louis Williams this enter sports season together optimal the selection of the 6th person; Thunder Dick this summer joins in pelican, go up sports season effectiveness during 76 people, groovy competition ground all contributes 18.1 minutes; As important reserve of Yaojiji, pulamuli is to dig the planted agent with indispensable gold like

wise. The basis is newest nevertheless report, although Halley Er is received invite, but whether to join training camp or unknown number finally.

On the whole, american male basket is newest 3 invitation players although name is not big, but already proved in NBA namely battle force. Below the circumstance that exits in star of numerous much big shop sign, american team advocate the battle array that handsome Boboweiji needs these players to enrich training camp really, so that single out the strongest team,attend a world cup.

American male basket trained

battalion 2019 19 people list:

Luo Rui (fierce dragon) , Walker (Kaierte person) , Drummond (piston) , Middleton (hart) , Maiersitena

(reporter Xu Bangyin)

Original title: Sheet of name of American male basket is added to 19 people, special thunder · Yang Ling holds accompany responsibility of drill in formation to edit: Li Xiaoling