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The country is installed and person and heart of capital of address of living broadcast of game time video are analysed than be at war forecast

The country is installed and person and heart of capital of address of living broadcast of game time video are analysed than be at war forecast

It is league matches leading Yang Guoan at the same time, it is support of the people of league matches assistant squad leader at the same time, tomorrow is versed in body will perform t

he capital favor with the biggest difference of the rank on one field history to compare. Just return to before long person and advocate handsome Louis already shrink back from difficulties, on the news briefing before be being surpassed now, he expresses will big rotate clearly, regard this match as cup contest will kick.

Last week 6, person and advocate 0 than 2 not enemy Wuhan Zhuo Er, experience league matches 5 be defeated repeatedly, louis missed the good opportunity that gains recursive head to get the better of. And be in same round of match is medium, the country installs a person of extraordinary powers of industry put oneself in another's position outside 20 much kilometers to take this sports season advocate 9 Lian Sheng. From the point of match program, how did the 3 states that make Chongqing rest full last week a week, and just be over Saturday the support of the people of contest has 3 days of settling time only.

The country installs and league matches exceeds the 18th round in person and game time the country installs and person and direct seeding time: On July 13 in the evening at 7 o'clock 35

The country installs and person and address of video living broadcast watch the entrance: Click watch

Cast strength gap not to say, support of the people also is in inferior position on physical ability. Advocate handsome Louis expresses, these two days preparing for war is physical ability restores mainly, team is restoring to Gao Shuiping at present, of course this need time, the competition tomorrow is very formidable, but we have strong desire to take out good performance.

Face concentrated leg, louis can choose strategical abandon, this he is defeated by Wuhan in team after Zhuo Er already dictum. On the news briefing now, he emphasized this again. We meet the match tomorrow be answered with a different battle array, because team member injury is serious, physical ability is very poor also, I answer all matches impossibly with all brunt. If put,going up sports season, stubborn Louis can choose probably hard firm, but on annulus Maxika gets hurt gangway handsome cannot help doing gives compromise, if continue to overdraw so the physical ability of brunt, the player is met only the one after another gets hurt.

According to team in-house personage introduces, the flesh after Ma Xi blocks ham group pull, will affirmative absent epicycle is installed to the country and next wheel pair explain beautiful match. Because armistice of left knee the condition of an injury is close the foreign aids of 3 months is medium before this an Aogusituo, after Ma Jing trains a center to complete rehabilitation, will arrive at Beijing and team assemble tonight. The report that although the basis recovers,the orgnaization provides and its own nuncupative, aogusituo has been had come on the stage condition, but specific when to reappear, decide after drill team observes even.

Dare not say 100 percent, but I will send a foreign aids very likely to come on stage only tomorrow. Louis expresses, a lot of home players that fail to play the game before this will gain a field opportunity, wait for new aid to Du Wenyang, Yang Yihu, Zhang Wenzhao, I had seen their match kinescope only, the match tomorrow is they move my the main chance.

League matches only remnant 13 rounds, to support of the people, the country of name dead knock that is heart comparing is installed apparent unwise, facing the adversary that be the same as class to take minute of gift more as far as possible is good sense. For instance this weekday advocate occasion is right explain flower, this ability is a contest that must win


Forecast a result: Guo Ansheng

(reporter Xu Xiaofan)

Original title: History on most great disparity " capital heart is compared " , person and big rotate or on responsibility of only foreign aid edits: Li Xiaoling