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Thunderbolt official announce trades send what Weisibuluke welcomes Paul ardently off to join in

Thunderbolt official announce trades send what Weisibuluke welcomes Paul ardently off to join in

Beijing time on July 17, thunderbolt and rocket anno

unce Wei Sibao at the same time collect trade to be finished formally, thunderbolt government also releases Mu of general manager Sa one after another - Pulisidi and boss gram thunder - Benneite's statement, follow dimension formally this did leave.

Pulisidi expresses: Latter, we and dimension this the development direction of the future that debated team and his career, final we reach the agreement that part company, the choice that because this is him,hopes to do more. Considering his history in thunderbolt effectiveness, we are willing hard to satisfy his desire, the broker that follows he and him is discussed together trade plan. Cooperate cheek by jowl because of what came 11 years in the past, our conversation is very great.

Dimension this it is thunderbolt the vitallest star since team of city building is in Russia. He is this city, this city left extraordinary success. Nobody can think of he can accomplish everything today's, and we feel proud to this.

Wei Sihe his wife, 3 his children, his brother and parents can be regarded as the one share of thunderbolt big family forever. We hope their future happiness is perfect, gain more success.

Benneite expresses: I respect dimension extremely this, the acknowledgment to him also cannot be describ

ed with utterance. He leaves the legend that be here to be able to receive salute forever. We bless he and wife Ni graceful, and all family everything is successful.

A times of thunderbolt ended, but I believe team management layer still can be met the success is gained in future.

Pulisidi still spoke of the welcome to Paul: Can get Paul the cacique of this kind of level and organizer, plus many pick excellent advantageous position, also build a team for a long time to plan to lay next foundations for ours. We welcome Kelisi city of horse of carry on one's shoulder of regain Russia carat, because he and wasp ever played a ball game here, just be thunderbolt the flight later levelled road.

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