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Mu of small Williams of entrance of direct seeding of final of female sheet of 2019 lukewarm nets this when does VS Ha Lepu begin

CCTV network news: Beijing time came 14 days on July 1, lukewarm 2019 Boer ascend tennis to make public contest to will be in lukewarm Boer ascend complete flower the club undertakes, deyaokeweiji, Kebeier will serve as

the champion that defend crown to give fight. In the bonus dimensions that announces before contest, total stake reachs 38 million pound (add up to 334.4 million yuan of RMBs about) , increase than last year 12% .

Small Williams Mu this VS Ha Lepu

21:15 direct seeding: Direct seeding of final of lukew

arm net female sheet enters the mouth

Final of lukewarm net female sheet

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