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Odd battle array of name of bright summer league matches has Chinese male goal change the 3 people drop out such as Zhang Zhenlin

This afternoon, the team of Chinese basketball releases an information on gregarious media, big to existing 20 people list undertakes adjustment, liu Zhixuan, Ren Jun flies and Zhang Zhenlin 3 team member are temporary drop out.

Relapse through drill team and study cautiously, a series of elements such as integrated injury, position, tactics, chinese male basket undertook partial personnel is adjusted today, liu Zhixuan, Ren Jun flies and Zhang Zhenlin is temporary drop out, lian Linan thanked the bishop 3 players are advanced the effort of paragraph of time is paid, hope they carry the body and form, comply with at any time the call of national group. The team of Chinese basketball is written on gregarious media.

From May the middle ten days of a month builds up formally, chinese male basket had undertaken a half-moon assemble for training, during this, the physical ability reserve that experiences early days, restore and contest of the military training later, first-run warm up, with the drill team that the bishop drills Li Nan heads, big to the earliest 20 people list undertook be adjustmented for the first time, chinese male basket will undertake with 17 people battle array next prepare for war.

In 3 team member of drop out, guangdong player holds the post of fine horse to fly the worry that suffers inju

ry, because the hand points to the condition of an injury, although attended the assemble for training of team,Ren Jun flies, but did not come on the stage in the warm up contest a few days ago; A small room of annals of Liaoning player Liu comes on the stage 2 times in contest of first-run warm up, add up to comes on the stage 18 minutes of 08 seconds, did not notch enter an item in an account; First the Zhang Zhenlin of NCAA young general of team of selected country assemble for training, although the state is welcomed in the match June 21 team head is beautiful, but come on the stage 2 minutes of 25 seconds, did not get any available data.

According to the arrangement of team, whole group of Chinese male basket will go to the U

nited States at will flying tomorrow, preparation attends the NBA summer league matches that contest opens at the beginning of July. Came 11 days on July 6, chinese male basket wants to meet showing tremendous enthusiasm, kingly, wasp, hart head-on respectively in 6 days of time 4 NBA team, if can from discharge a contest break out of an encirclement, team still has the knockout at the back of opportunity promotion. (reporter Xu Bangyin)

Original title: The 3 people drop out such as Zhang Zhenlin, chinese male basket bright go to the United States to join editor of responsibility of summertime league matches: Li Xiaoling