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Chinese women football does not have a predestined relationship 8 strong actual strength make be opposite with Italy like that blast it is a plays best game

Chinese women football does not have a predestined relationship 8 strong actual strength make be opposite with Italy like that blast it is a plays best game

The station is cheating Biliaimosang on the reporter banquet of field, look at girl of Chinese women football slowly wind an a week, the place of the Five-Star Red Flag that goes up to bleachers waves bow, still be mood is made the same score hard.

28 years are lain between to interview women football world cup again when, oneself mood all the time very kink. On one hand we and Chinese women football are in together, hope China women football goes further, must face reality helplessly again on the other hand: People advances more quickly than us, the adversary of Chinese women football is increasing already!

No matter wish to not be willing to accept, world cup 16 strong, it is Chinese women football the area with alive bound relatively at present reasonable football. Click watch: Video of match of Italy of Vs of Chinese women football

Should say, chinese women football is competition ground of world cup of the France on the body appearance station with a powerful group, 4 tournaments play is normal. Fail to ascend tonight personally 8 strong, also be actual strength makes like that. The first faces powerful German group, whole group is hit sturdily defend strike back, although let adversary advance one ball, but oneself also differ lays bare door. My individual thinks this is a game that Chinese women football plays best. The 2nd to south Africa, the quadrature in the compasses in expression, but winning a ball is best ending. Whole group of the 3rd match carries out coach intent sturdily, withstood the wanton and indiscriminate bombing of Spanish team, those who took decision group to give a clue is precious a minute. In the 4th match tonight, we or the individual that more or less underestimated Italian player strike back ability, perhaps say overmeasure the individual of Chinese player defends ability, after throwing two balls first, although whole group offensive is like tide, but blossom only not result. If this match also regards Italian team as German team, Spain group is in that way powerful team, on the foundation that defending firm again wait for one's chance strikes back, perhaps return can organic meeting. But if,do not have on the football ground

Coach through Gu Xiuquan one year much air teachs, progress of Chinese women football is not little, the whole that formed oneself makes a way, support group cooperates to make up for the inadequacy of individual ability, formed stronger tactical discipline sex, it is in recent years tenacious, play stabilizes fight, the group of nation of a women football with more powerful actual strength. Mount competition ground of French world cup, chinese women football makes an any powerful groups on the world not dare small gaze. Although fail finally to ascend personally 8 strong, the regret is full, but women football girls are sufficient can hold his head high leave world cup, you did not I am sorry anybody. The rose blossoms need the coming year!

Chinese women football this the world cup fails further, not be I lose actually, however enemy stron

g. Enough of Chinese women football contends previously even battle and get the better of Europe is second-class team, wait for a team like England, France, Italy, Holand, show the progress of amazingly quick this. Alive bound cup 8 strong in, ground of European team terrorize held 7 seat.

The Dou Yuangao such as level of system of foundation of football concept of Europe, green example, club, contest system, various coach at other area. Once they take seriously and be willing to part with or use throws women football, of level of group of women football nation rising is things. Compare with photograph of girl of Chinese women football, capability of European player individual is stronger, fitness, endurance erupts efficient apparent tower above prepares the brachylogy of tactics of rationality of technology of force, actual combat, movement, ability. In European team in big strides ongoing current world cup is surpassed on, gu Xiuquan and his women football girls the knockout that the group gives a clue and can dedicate to show characteristic of him ability tactics, it is good to had been done enoughly!

Game of in that way as powerful as German team, Spain team group, the rhythm that experiences Chinese player apparently wants to be patted slow partly, pass a ball, run, shoot should observe and think, contrary Europe player is by intuition and details one foot passes ball and shoot more, hit a law to appear more compact, have penetration more. This is difference, should shorten is this kind of gap very difficult? Very difficult! Because Chinese player comes for years,had formed not quite reasonable be used to with not quite efficient kickball. This is the problem that will train concept, system and method for years, gu Xiuquan can be not changed inside short time.

Sun Wen accepts special report of reporter of Xinhua News Agency this in France when, speak of the intelligence that should pay attention to education China player, make a person impressive. This girl of Chinese women football exposes exposed psychological insecurity, technology to apply characteristic of tactics of unreasonable, ability to cannot charge the question such as minute of play, have the problem that intelligence does not forging to reach the designated position rear actually. And the backside of intelligence problem, the football education that is us is very fragile still. The football is played with the foot, kick with the head more.

The problem that Chinese women football reveals, not be the problem of women football only actually, also be the problem of deep administrative levels of Chinese football and even social level: To women football development takes seriously for a long time not quite and throw, green example instability, to the ignore that the football teachs, lack is enough much good coach especially coach of basic level green example, agonistic system imperfectly, professional club system is right of women football prop up and drive action not apparent, retire player outlet not free.

Did not irrigate, does He Lai blossom? ! Hope we are not 4 years just will care Chinese women football! Want to take step morely from administrative level, society level, incentive more girl kickball, have local kickball; The hope can take effective measures, the basic level train that develops more qual

ification, green example coach; The hope is perfect domestic competition system, let more more children, football talents show itself through high quality match; Hope China is sufficient assist the measure that the professional club of formulate creates women football team can fall to real point, see actual effect; Hope sports section and door of Ministry of Education are not had on football talent education seam a butt joint, each other help sb to fulfill his wishes.

If we are staring at team of football of a nation only, we have a powerful national group impossibly also forever; If we vacate a hand to give aid to one end ground, green example, coach waits, perhaps a certain number of we can get a powerful national line instead after year, no matter male sufficient or women football is such. This is Chinese football comes 229 years the bitterest lesson, should be Buddhist monastic discipline with this! (Xujiren of reporter of Xinhua News Agency)

Original title: Xu Jiren viewpoint: Did not irrigate does He Lai blossom? ! Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling