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Zhanmusi is in Le Bulang team did 42 9 years to trade how to return a responsibility in all

Reach with pelican in lake person trade, introduce Anthony - after Davis, whole alliance surprises in deep feeling Le Bulang and its agent again - the consequence of Paul has after all how old.

American media also made a count, since since 2010, team of effectiveness of Le Bulang place 42 are made trade in the altogether in 9 years of time, the amount makes a person stare tongue-tied.

Among them showing tremendous enthusiasm is in 2010-2014 year trade 11 times; The knight is in 2014 to trade 27 times between 2018; Lake person is in 2018 had traded 4 times to 2019.

Showing tremendous enthusiasm introduced Lebulang and wave assorted 2010 is through trading, after this of their have a fracture trade greatly not frequent, because core is stable, basic be pair of battle arrays is small long

small fill. But also be probably such guarding, brought about Lebulang to appear finally to contradict with administrative layer, the option leaves.

After a when wait for knight of Le Bulang regain many months, team trades greatly with respect to the tripartite that finish introduce Le Fu, sent Benneite and Weijinsi. Strap Braun to did not mention Weijinsi's name in the open letter that return country at that time, weijinsi is traded to also be considered as the thing of morning and evening.

When in season of 2014-15 sports season, the knight undertakes tripartite trades again, send Weitesi, introduce sweet Po special, JR, be lay next foundations for the champion later.

The knight trades one year the maddest, sports season of 2017-18 of nothing is more... than, they send be stranded article in the apiration that violated Lebulang Spring 2017, weigh model battle array; The result is in trade end day, they are overturned again come again, send Wei De, not special grade of Lai, small Thoms, Claud, Ross, sweet Po many player, astonished whole alliance.

After Le Bulang signs person agreement a lake, whats doesn't lake person have to fill greatly in nearly one year of time strong action,

3 trade is small dozen small be troubled by, send Zubaci to be sneered at for a time only. Introduce Davis this, managing a layer is true go ahead regardless.

Although every giant star is right the force of team is very large, but to Lebulang this degree, very infrequent still. than below, lake person is in O'Neil was compared by healthy division after drop out 2004 head a group 9 years in time, altogether make 21 trade only.

Because media of this United States sighs with emotion: This is Lebulang's world, we just live hereat just.

Original title: Consequence is too terrible! Team of Zhan emperor place did 42 9 years to trade in all responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling