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Omg battle group advocate 2

Omg battle group advocate field 2-0 gets the better of whole journey of match of Rw OMG Vs RW greatly wonderful hotspot reviews

Beijing time on June 19, LPL summer surpasses 2019 heroes alliance, chengdu of assume personal command advocate the OMG2-0 of field gets the better of RW greatly, end two be defeated repeatedly send RW4 to be defeated repeatedly, kane of player of AD of OMG new personality (Chen Hao) behead obtains first MVP, RW makes the battle group that summertime game does not have gains is minor victory exclusively, slide on integral a list of names posted up penult name.

Match reviewing

The first bureau: RW error frequency answers Long Xianchi of day OMG5 element to must be nodded feebly without avoid now

Head bureau match, OMG start off although be killed in battle but great to the line actor, RW pig younger sister heads for development of Xi Weier of suppress leaving a way continuously, after OMG changes a line, close drop one tower and double dragon. Metaphase luck at present is caught by force when foul line development ceaselessly by combination of RW fall out of power, RW tries to be driven to escape by lucky at present in firedrake round seek battle, bilateral rhythm backwater come down OMG clever station take earthy a surname again. Later period OMG is wild complementary wild area encounters Bao Gashuang fights be killed in battle, RW holds a group in the arms to attack kill the road advances big Long Houzhong to be prevented. RW is in seek battle not Gu Julong of the Jiang Kaiyuan below the circumstance of fruit, OMG is decisive build up grab next ancient megalosaurus by grab, the force that joins 5 elements dragon is hit 0 change 4 hind, lu Ping is pushed in ended the contest.

The 2nd bureau: The gigantic Tansaien of despair making a person! OMG leaves one town again slow and steady

Match of the 2nd bureau, both sides erupts in place of BUFF of blue Fang Gong one form is conglomerate, RW poll is changed 2 earn a bit, the road in OMG grab GANK encounters fire hose is stolen after be being killed instead, ever since OMG above tough life took gorge pioneer by force for cost, the road in 4 people holds a group in the arms to attack kill two people and take a tower to take a surname. Start off pesters person of OMG5 of for a long time to ambush proper, hit 0 change 4 push start off one tower pulled open economy. The OMG that the hand holds a dominant position is pushed drop eye shot of big dragon of the race to control after Lugaodeda, attract RW inferior position to receive a group, solid RW hits in front of to be changed 3 hind receive big dragon. The RW of arms line inferior position cannot prevent big dragon to lose, OMG carries big dragon BUFF to add held 3 arms line to advance, behead of glow explosion harm is obtained 3 kill to push made the same score base.

Match window

Kane of player of OMG new ADC comes on stage play is outstanding

Sai Dianjun and summer were surpassed December 2017 6 strong later, OMG is successive 3 sports season had not sampled the flavor of the contest after season, although going up continuously odd, hit wild, AD and the player battle array that assist 4 positions to have upheaval, but fail to seek the battle array that h

as competition ability most. Benchangbi surpasses pair of RW with a similar gloomy situation, OMG abandons veteran KRYST4L (poplar hedge) enabled the new personality Kane that comes from YM (Chen Hao) , this is in LD

L summer competition ground all KDA achieves the young general of 5.3 to be in a bureau is right line period performance is steady, what block pig younger sister with Xiweier's E continuously is big, second bureau glow outputs the excellent combat gains that takes next 11-1-3 neatly, round battle termagancy outputs behead to obtain first MVP, but whether bring new vitality to remain for OMG sequel examines.

The sound after contest

Icon: The atmosphere after young player came is better

OMG advocate fight the end after 2-0 beats RW two be defeated repeatedly, assorted Icon goes up in the OMG after contest (Xie Tianyu) with Curse (Chen Chen) accepted interview. OMG7 anniversary and summertime game the 2nd get the better of have double happiness, curse expressed to win quite happy, the hope is hit weller later. And he what perform sheet to kill good fun with favour of a place of strategic importance in second bureau match also compares cogency to his evaluation, too dedicated at be opposite the line is hit wild caught many times, error having a place.

When speaking of the idea after changing to the battle array of OMG, veteran Icon expresses relatively at last sports season, our atmosphere became good much, those who join is a few young players, quite good, express a group taller hope at the same time, the hope plays the effect that trains contest later, even if was defeated to also do not have a regret.

Player battle array

OMG battle group: Go up odd Curse, dozen wild Y1han, medium odd Icon, ADC Kane, auxiliary Hudie

RW battle group: On odd Holder, hit wild WeiYan (1) Haro (2) , in odd HuaTian (1) HwQ (2) , ADC ZWuJi, auxiliary Huanggai

(civil / small Hei Yang)

Original title: OMG advocate field 2-0 gets the better of greatly walk out of predicament RW get down 4 defeat one bureau to did not get the better of responsibility editor repeatedly: Li Xiaoling