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Male sufficient warm up is surpassed 1 overcome Si Tan than 0 small auspicious success a tower the country is sufficient advocate Shuai Li skin changes 3 degrees blast

In the contest of a warm up that ends tonight, china Guangzhou of male sufficient assume personal command 1 overcome Si Tan than auspicious of 0 conquer tower. In the match, country of the 50th dele

gate is sufficient the Yang Xu that gives fight infiltrates ball of get the upper hand of, those who be his secondary attack is Wang Gang of Guo Anfei ala.

Because Iraq is lost before this at Tunisia, the country before Benchangbi is surpassed is sufficient had locked up calm Asia the position of the 8th, can play the lot of 40 strong competition July with the identity of seminal team. Below the circumstance that does not have achievement pressure, this battle is in the skin in personnel and blast model on made a test.

It is personnel above all. Compare the competition of guest of pair of Zhen Fei law, the country is sufficient a hair battle array of this battle 5 manage change. Among them the biggest change is 5 full back appear. Match begin, the country is sufficient hit 541 model.

The match the 10th minute of country is sufficient obtain banner. Wu Xi divides a ball to insert the Wang Gang that go up to right way, latter horizontal stroke passes burst open the door of secondary attack Yang Xu. This is the 24th goal of career of group of Yang Xu nation, and this field match is his representing the country is sufficient the 50th competition that gives fight, this goal has milepost sense extremely.

King of Guo Anfei ala also just was contribute secondary attack in national group first. This battle Li Lei and Wang Gang live apart both wings of national sufficient left and right sides, took on the road side team is major attacks responsibility. The country that Benchangbi surpasses a hair brings a country the foot has Zhang Xizhe, Chi Zhongguo, Li Lei, Wang Gang 4 people, calculate on the Li Ke that the reserve comes on stage, Zhang Yuning, Yu Dabao, this period 7 countries with selected sufficient country install a player to appear entirely.

Although the country installs Shuang Yi to be aggression of way of national sufficient limit to bring vitality, but 3 halfback system also is put in the problem, among them the most apparent is by defend turn when attacking, advance ahead hard. The skin also sees this problem in, yi Bian is again afterwar be used to of congratulate of the halfback after he changes next pulling, change blast for 451. Come on stage as Yang Liyu, blast model fine tuning is become 442. A match comes down, the skin used 3 in all in blast model.

Change for many times blast below the circumstance, the assault with full country makes a way of a figuration very hard also, the second half did not change

score from beginning to end. Final state is sufficient 1 than 0 get victory, sai Quansheng hits two field warm up into 3 balls. (Reporter Xu Xiaofan)

Original title: In the skin changes 3 degrees blast, the country is sufficient 1 than 0 small auspicious success a tower responsibility edits Kesitan: Li Xiaoling