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Full back of England nation base Danniluosi will turn can go to where home graceful city chooses graceful couplet which

The left back of England nation base that holds Tenamu in the palm to heat up thorn Danny - Ross expresses, oneself already prepared improving meeting drop out.

The team that is interested in Ross includes graceful city, graceful couplet and Aifudu, him Ross is not clear that where his future is. If I stay in hot thorn, very good, if do not stay, ve

ry good also.

This is not secret, media mixes me turn meeting connection rises, and this club (hot thorn) policy strategy is, arrived when the player after certain age, be about to sell.

Ross of 28 years old has pricked effectiveness in heat 11 sports season, he ever expressed when the year before last year, the hope goes to England north in the future kickball, can leave his home town in Tangkasite a few closer so, and the i

dea that Mancunian position accords with Ross fitly.

Original title: Will England nation base turn professedly meeting graceful couplet who meets graceful city leave the home into him? Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling