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Team of China of women football world cup to German team direct seeding website watched leg of means China women football on June 8

2019 world cup of French women football be about to start shooting, government-owned net releases the world cup of French women football of FIFA newest leg, contest of group of Chinese women football is opposite first times the bully time of a German women football adjusts for Beijing time on June 8 21: 00, at the ap

pointed time CCTV 5 spots direct seeding. This is a good news absolutely to Chinese fan, need not use stay up late to be cheered for clang rose!

Nevertheless, time of bully of two groups contest is other of Chinese women football Beijing time on June 14 3:00 pairs a south Africa women football, on June 18 0:00 pairs a Spain, fan people still should have made the preparation that stay up late.

On June 8 21 ︰ 00

Chinese VS Germany

On June 14 3 ︰ 00

Chinese VS south Africa

On June 18 0 ︰ 00

Chinese VS Spain

(all be Beijing time)

Outspread read: World cup of women football of address of match of Korea of V of France of direct seeding of CCTV5 of net of C

CTV of entrance of direct seeding of world cup of 2019 France women football head time of game of team of Germany of Vs of team of China of world cup of women football of time of battle direct seeding