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Intermediary chooses outside armour receives an official last rounds on the west optimal battle array: Wu Lei and Mei Xi are selected

As Barcelona of 20 days of before dawn 2: 2 battle make the same score Aiwaer, match of Xi Jiaquan ministry ends this sports season. Spanish media " daily sports signs up for " chose armour receives Guan Lun on the west optimal battle array, mei Xi of fierce Lei partner is selected.

On the west armour last rounds, wu Lei is hit into this sports season individual goal of the 3rd league matches, help Spaish 2: 0 beat royal society. Win by right of this, spaish is magical counterat

tack, press chirp to take qualification of Europe couplet cup.

This newspaper to Wu Lei this field expression gave out to be evaluated very high, wu Lei is one of reasons with Spaish final successful sprint, lock of his group of goal concede points is gotten the better of surely b


" world sports signs up for " choose on the west armour 38 rounds of optimal battle arrays:

Door general: Duomeineike () of made of baked clay Lun Xiya;

Full back: Luosalaisi (Spaish) , Kabaqiao (Laimote) , Aiermosuo (Spaish) , phenanthrene Er wave (royal Betty this) ;

In: Suolaier (Walunxiya) , Williams - Kawalue (royal Betty this) , Luosaiersuo (royal Betty this) ;

Forward: A Si Paasche (Saierda) , Mei Xi (cling to Sa) , Wu Lei (Spaish)

Original title: Intermediary chooses outside on the west armour end annulus optimal battle array: Selected responsibility edits plum of fierce Lei partner on the west: Li Xiaoling