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Trojan is defeated by big score of rocket both sides again 2

Trojan is mixed today suffer a defeat once more in the G4 of the rocket, 2-2 of bilateral big score, after contest, trojan bishop drills Cole also talked about the match and adversary.

Cole expresses, he feels the aggression of Trojan has tonight some act too hastily: What I do not feel time of our great majority gets tonight is first-rate skill opportunity, I feel major skill opportunity is general.

Speak of present

situation, he expresses: Everything actually very normal, whats did not happen, now is 2-2, we are met readjust, answer us advocate, next we are resumptive answer seriously.

When the rocket makes small battle array, their exterior line defends very hard 3 minutes. Harden is very ticklish fellow.

There is the player of type of full back of a lot of ruggers in their team, they are very strong. We look criterion more like volleyball athlete, grow again thin.

Cole still chose Thompson's name: If we can calm, patient ground casts better skill chance, is not fast skill, I think this is helpful to our everybody, include Thompson.

Although the rocket gave Trojan very big challenge, but speak of and Cole is in still is to

express when rocket fight hand to hand: I like.

When small battle array that speaks of a rocket, the bishop drills humour expresses Dandongni: Trojan is not the Hampton that has them 5 small, the Nanhai beach that we also have us 5 small, the XX5 that is a certain place anyway is small.

Paul expresses: Brother, the game is very interesting, the stray dog is evil bottle, intense, every ball is crucial.

Speak of in the library will return Trojan advocate, the opportunity is placed before them, he expresses: We like this, without what panicky, we very unite, we are very clear the main task in the hand.

In speak of him G3 developing not after beautiful by all sorts of criticism, express in the library: 48 hours of in the past actually particularly interesting, hear all sorts of opinion on public affairs of all sorts of expressional place generation that are aimed at me, noise, all these words, I am accepted according to sheet entirely.

Original title: Division Er: ?  of green jade of owlet  flood dragon sincere assist curl up? of auspicious  horsefly we edit like the blame that lays volleyball: Li Xiaoling