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Lv Hui of tounament of 2019 Asias track and field can defeat Lijiao of winning consolidate of sports meet record select gold

Tounament of Asian track and field with a ha ended contention first days in how 2019, chinese player wins 2 gold 1 silver 1 copper. Lv Hui meets woman javelin to gain the championship with the sports meet record with 65 meters of 83 new creation, gong Lijiao with champion

of shot of woman of 19 meters of 18 beat easily, song Jiayuan takes Ji Jun. Zhang Wei and yellow Bo Kai obtain runner-up of man pole vault and Ji Jun with 5 meters of achievement of 66. Men and women 100 meters of preliminary contest, wu Zhijiang, Xu Zhou politics, Wei Yongli and Liang Xiaojing, enter semifinals entirely.

Woman javelin is current inferior first gold that bright and beautiful game goes definitely, the Lv Hui that record of 67 meters of 72 new Asias just creates before this can give fight. The first cast Lv Hui can take out 64 meters of result of 92, break colourful of Li Ling of Asia Game champion to be in 2015 inferior 63 meters of when create on bright and beautiful contest sports meet records of 07. The 2nd cast Lv Hui can promote 65 meters achievement 83, after passing, 4 cast do not have the face continue to break through achievement, final with 65 meters 83 win championship.

The Lv Hui after contest can break sports meet record to gain the championship to oneself feel very happy, after all this also is she attends for the first time inferior bright and beautiful contest, I want to take the thing of technical respect as far as possible, I was changing wintry standard all the time last year technology, do not have specific target to achievement, had walked along each pace to transcend self as far

as possible, this champion lets the match that my butt joint comes down have hope more.

Woman shot final, actual strength exceeds Gong Lijiao to prepare apparently, 6 cast in foul besides, the others exceeds 19 meters 3 times 5 times, lowermost achievement 18 meters 52 also enough gains the championship, final she with 19 meters 18 win championship easily, individual afterwards after 2009 obtain the 2nd times inferior champion of bright and beautiful contest, attend this match twice to gain the championship entirely. Song Jiayuan of a Chinese player, obtain Ji Jun with 17 meters of achievement of 70.

Man 100 meters of preliminary contest, wu Zhijiang with 10 seconds the achievement of 29, the county of hill of famous general of advantage conquer Japan that depends on 0.01 seconds is bright too, rank a group semifinal of the first successful promotion. A Chinese player makes Zhou Zheng, with 10 seconds the achievement platoon of 41 is in a group the 3rd also kill into semifinals. Woman 100 meters of preliminary contest, wei Yongli runs 11 seconds 36, liang Xiaojing's achievement is 11 seconds 37, two people enter semifinals hand in hand.

Man pole vault is tall, zhang Wei of two players of Chinese and Huang Bokai, dou Yue crosses 5 meters of rail of 66, cent obtains runner-up and Ji Jun. Philippine player Aobiaina, win championship with 5 meters of achievement of 71. Man discus final, hada of player of Asian record holder, Iran enlighten with 65 meters 95 win championship, break oneself record of retentive sports meet. Chinese player Wei Zidong with 55 meters of 28 ranks the 7th, tan with 54 meters 69 rows the 10th.

Man final of 3000 meters of obstacles, the division of Bahrain is cut with 8 minutes of 25 seconds the achievement of 87 gains the championship. Chinese player Tu Wenji with 8 minutes of 47 seconds optimal achievement obtains the individual of 37 the 7th, zhang Mingzhuo is in 88 rows with 9 minutes of 17 seconds the 11st. Man 10000 meters of final, bahrain player Feikadu with 28 minutes of 26 seconds the achievement of 30 gains the championship. Chinese player Duobujie with 28 minutes of 57 seconds 31 obtain the 5th, peng Jianhua with 32 ranks of 29 minutes of 40 seconds the 7th.

Woman 400 meters of final, huang Guifen and Li Xue preliminary contest go out bureau, bahrain player Nasaier with 51 seconds 34 win championship. Woman 5000 meters of final, the elegant dimension of Bahrain with 15 minutes of 28 seconds 87 win championship, red of Chinese player plum with 33 ranks of 15 minutes of 43 seconds the 5th, zhao Yanli with 16 minutes of 05 seconds 39 rank 7.

Original title: Track and field inferior meeting of Lv of bright and beautiful contest can defeat winning consolidate of sports meet record establish a handsome to pick golden responsibility easily to edit: Li Xiaoling