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Trojan weakness is short board expression of Trojan of sports season of Nba of summary of analytic flier general manager

Beijing time on April 24, regard tw

o year as winner of optimal general manager, flier group is advisory outstanding in - West is all the time wisdom person reincarnate. Accepting the West when interviewing to speak of team of old boss a brave and strong man.

Look in West, the weak point of this Trojan team is very obvious: Look in me, bench is their weakness place, without doubt. Nevertheless you need bench not quite this year, leg is more comfortable, if need a player people can hit 40 minutes longer even. Going after when you a few important, when extraordinary thing, player can sound the night watches is long.

Because take an examination of Xin Si to surpass qua

rterly reports to sell accidentally, play the game after season, trojan is basic a remnant 9 people rotate. Besides death 5 small, only Bogute, Lu Ni, Livingston and Maijinni can get relatively stable come on the stage time. West says: When Trojan team sends a battle array to announce first, the feeling resembles an inequitable argue. Hit Geliya like David, their battle array is placed, the feeling is very inequitable.

Original title: Flier general manager states bench is Trojan weak point board need sends sound the night watches first long responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling