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Changeover washs out Agukesi Fan Debei of the oldest hero overcomes You Wen: Everybody is mad

Beijing time on April 1

7 before dawn, second bout of final of Europe coronal 1/4, you Wen advocate field 1-2 is turned to fall into disuse by Si Ni of A Gu Ke. After contest, the goal hero, Fandebeike that will spend birthday 22 years old tomorrow accepts Agukesi media is interviewed.

To oneself goal, fandebeike says: I believe firmly at that time do not have offside, dexiliao still is in, so I know to do not have offside, hit into this ball next.

To rushing into semifinals, fandebeike is very excited: Everybody is mad! Agukesi entered Europe coronal semifinal! At the beginning of sports season we if so say, meet what be mocked by people, this result is right for Holand football too give power!

This night we are unforgettable all one's life, I tell the truth, first half is kicked well with respect to Biyouwen, the second

half is close friends apparently a lot of, we ought 4-1 conquer You Wen, I consider semifinals when 2-1 is banner, must make sure oneself do not have yellow card again first.

Original title: Does A merchant overcome Si Gongchen: ? Does pacify rotten  hold the post of?-1 sports season who believes us to enter first 4 strong? Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling