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Er of Lai of gram of benefit of farad of competition of F1 China large award gives way for Weiteer listen to a directive to take the 5th

According to F1 China large award surpasses information of official public number, the young car hand of farad benefit straps Claire to express: He understands motorcade to ask in 11 he is the decision that Weiteer gives way.

Before this, when large award competition is surpassing 2019 F1 China the 11st round, at tertiary Lekelaier asked to had invited teammate according to motorcade Weiteer, but this gave adversary the power that Weisidapan pursues and attack it seems that. Adopt more effective pull in strategy, sidapan finished dimension to surmount, took finally the 4th. This also is afterwards after Australian large award is surpassed, lekelaierdi dictates 2 times because of motorcade and obtain the 5th.

This one circumstance caused many discussion after contest, the matter that makes this decision explained after nevertheless F1 motorcade the leader of a sports team pleads contest than Nuo, say this the instruction is to try to chase Meisaidesi only. After motorcade interior conference, lekelaier says he already accepted the decision of motorcade.

We had attended a meeting, lekelaier discloses to celestial sports, this is not relaxed circumstance, I struggle at the sta

te of tire all the time, but we two it is, appear in those days Weit

eer's rate is rapidder.

Original title: F1 farad benefit " faction " crisis of short duration understands motorcade to decide responsibility edits except Lekelaier: Li Xiaoling