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C collect son plays 2 matches to advance 12 balls madly team of football of teenager of U9 of partisan You Wen

As Portuguese football history go up the greatest person, c collect is the professional career that begins his from Ma Dela island. Nowadays, son of 9 years old confused your Luo Hui to arrive home town. The island is pulled in equestrian heart, confuse you collect advanced in two matches advance 12 balls madly.

Last summer, c collect converts You Wen from emperor horse, his eldest son confused your Luo Ye to join group of youth of You Wen U9. heart of horse of C collect home town pulls an island, group of youth of You Wen U9 entered hundred years marine championship contest. The result is advanced in two matches, confuse your Luo Yi's person to be hit into 12 balls, he is the very core that team is without controversy. Confusing your Luo Xian is a battle hit into 7 balls, hit into 5 balls in the 2nd match again next. Group of youth of You Wen U9 was obtained two Lian Sheng, score is respectively 15: 0 with 26: 0. In group of youth of You Wen U9 41 score a goal in, confused your Luo Yi's person to contribute 12 balls, occupy than near 30% .

Classics of C Luo Ceng is more than the

ground has said, he hopes to confuse your Luo Wei to be able to become professional player, and he hopes to confuse your Luo Ye to be able to become giant star of a sharp edge line. Still be a teenager confuse you collect, had reflected nowadays w

ent out perfectly football endowment. Perhaps be after 10 years, he will become football Er of the 4th acting Luo Na is much.

Original title: Be worthy of be the child of C collect, confuse you collect 2 matches take editor of 12 balls responsibility madly: Li Xiaoling