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Aerospace binoculars launchs Zhanmusi Weibai successfully

France local time on December 25 13 when 15 minutes (Beijing time 25 days 20 when 15 minutes) , the Zhanmusiweibai of bureau of American space navigation aerospace binoculars belongs to Guyana library rash base to blast off successfully in the law enter the space. Blast off this used Aliyana 5 rockets, at present the rocket has entered final path.

If everything is successful, aerospace binoculars will be in Zhanmusiweibai sun path is entered in a month, leave the

world about 1 million kilometer.

Zhanmusiweibai aerospace is telescopic, chair by bureau of American space navigation build. After emissive success, the person that it will become the Ha Bo's telescopic person that replace and succeed sb in a post. In the meantime, aerospace binoculars can explore Zhanmusiweibai longer optical wavelengh, the existing job that surmounts Ha Bo. (Jiang Hua of total stage reporter)

Original title: Emissive responsibility of aerospace binoculars success edits Zhanmusi Weibai: Ling Qin Li