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Bank cropland appeals Japanese people drinks milk more

Hope everybody (year end) can compare drink a cup of milk more at ordinary times, or it is multi-purpose in arrange dairy produce, let us reduce milk to waste together. According to Japan " morning sun news " 22 days of reports, because give birth to milk supply exceeds demand, countryman of 21 days of peculiar appeals drinks hero of article of premier ba

nk cropland more milk.

Association of farming milk trade weighs Japanese cheese, the raw milk that waits for product raw material as milk is in year end comes this year next year the beginning of the year will be many odd, or 5000 tons of raw milk want to discard. Its reason basically has at 2 o'clock, it is to suffer epidemic situation effect, the people goes out repast demand drops considerably, meal industry decreases to the demand of dairy produce of etc of milk, yoghurt. It is Japan ever produced butter in short supply 2014 secondly, accordingly, relevant industry raises milk yield continuously in last few years, 2018 - 2020 is to realize successive increase production 3 years more.

Reduce waste for the help, japanese all circles rolls out all sorts of measure to increase milk to consume demand. For example Hokkaido farming assist the month on combination informs each grandma farming lowers yield; Interlink convenience inn Luo Sen to roll out activ

ity of hot milk half price in year end, famous cate rich advocate also release milk to relieve menu on gregarious platform, appeal everybody uses milk products to make food. [round-the-world times reporter is strict]

Original title: Produce can superfluous, bank cropland appeals Japanese people drinks milk more: Hope everybody can be compared how to drink a cup at ordinary times! Responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin