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Korea government makes stop " coexist with new coronal virus " mode

Report will occupy China Daily net on December 16 Reuter report, because add infection newly to rise of case of illness and serious illness case load ceaselessly, system of Korea medical treatment can'ts bear heavy burden. Local time on December 16, korea announces to will restore to carry the provision of social distance afresh. Before a half moon, this country firm according to and the policy

with new coronal concomitant virus removed relevant provision.

Korea premier Jin Fuqian (KimBoo-kyum) express, limitative measure will restart from December 18 and carry out to on January 2, 2022. During executing, cinema and Internet bar want in evening the end before 10 o'clock does business, dining-room, cafe and nightly public place of entertainment need to be in close before 9 o'clock late. In addition, even if is vaccinal already the person of new coronal vaccine, party strength also must not exceed 4 people. And not vaccination person arrive when dining-room have dinner but alone hall feed, outside can choosing besides to perhaps be nodded only otherwise, sell.

According to the report, from last month Korea relaxes since epidemic prevention sets, add increase sharply of infection case load ne

wly nearly 5 times, amount of serious illness case of illness increased double, medical treatment system stands accordingly enormous pressure. (Ni Sai Na)

Original title: Add Korea of infection number increase sharply newly to make stop " coexist with new coronal virus " mode responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin