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Virus of new coronal of south Africa president detects the result shows masculine gender

Xinhua News Agency makes an appointment with the Si Bao inside writing on December 12 report (reporter Jing Jing) government office of south Africa president makes a statement 12 days late say, lamafusa of south Africa president is new that day coronal virus detects the result shows masculine gender, accepting treatment and keep apart into travel ego.

Statement says, lamafusa is some earlier that day after moment is opening Pu Duican to add the ceremony of mourn over a person's death that Dekeleke of the president before be holds, feel unwell. Subsequently he accepts new coronal virus to detect, the result shows masculine gender. Lamafusa is vaccinal already too new coronal is vaccinal, the symptom is at present slight, psychosis is good.

Statement says, lamafusa is accepting treatment segregation of hand-in-hand travel ego, will plunge into responsibility of president of act on one's behalf by cloth of vice president horse next week. Lamafusa says in statement, his infection is a caution of pair

of south Africa everybody, all peoples answer vaccine of new coronal of have an inoculation keeps vigilant.

According to statement, lamafusa is right recently the country of 4 West Africa such as Nigeria, Ketediwa had a visit. Lamafusa and delegacy member are mixed during the visit new coronal virus has been accepted to detect after returning south Africa, the result all is negative.

The data that institute of epidem

ic of south Africa nation released that day shows, 24 hours of south Africa added case of new coronal diagnose newly in the past 18035, accumulative total diagnose 3167497; Add dead case of illness newly 21, accumulative total dies 90137. Up to now, south Africa is vaccinal already new coronal vaccine exceeds 27.09 million agent, more than 18.16 million person is vaccinal already at least potion is vaccinal.

Original title: Virus of new coronal of south Africa president detects the result shows electropositive responsibility editor: Ceng Shaolin