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The United States implements weapon embargo to Kampuchea

On December 9, wang Wenbin of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs chairs routine press conference, it is partial content below.

Ask: 8 days, american Department of Commerce makes human rights, corruption with invading, allow China to expand in Kampuchea military affairs for existence, announce sensitive content of pair of Xiang Jian exit and reexport beauty bring to bear on new restriction measure, implement weapon embargo to card. Is there just He Ping to talk to this in?

Answer: Since period of time, the United States just acclaims the regular contact collaboration betwe

en the card in bring shame on continuously, minatory to card, apply pressure, punish, it is typical hegemonism and bully approach act, with international relation basic standard runs in the opposite direction, just object stoutly to this in.

Card is friend of lever of overall strategy partner, iron and destiny community in, classics of all previous of friendship of two countries tradition all sorts of test, i

ndestructible. The United States attempts the conspire that the card in alienating concerns will fail eventually. Kampuchea of square firm support upholds state sovereignty and ethical dignity in, will be the same as sturdily forever Kampuchean civilian station is together.

Original title: American excuse " consequence of Chinese military affairs " contraband to Kampuchea executive weapon Wang Wenbin: Fang Jian objects responsibility editing definitely in: Ceng Shaolin