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The video that because of alluding premier government office disobeys epidemic prevention to stipulate the clique is right abdication of spokesman of exposure flower premier

According to coverage of network of British sky news, local time 8 days, british premier writings brush the spokesman Siteladu of abdicate resigns about, the reason is her the video of rehearsal of a news briefing before this by exposure, in video, she divulged Tang Ning street runs the condition with right clique 10 numbers during epidemic situation blocked in December 2020.

According to the report, a paragraph of video presentation of the exposure before this, be a paragraph of news briefing that filmed on December 22, 2020 allegedly in rehearsal video, tang Ning street 10 assistant people the group that in Tang Ning with respect to the street runs 10 numbers is right talk cheerfully and humourously. Among them, siteladu is joking still like described the condition at that time, say that is a party that restricts without social distance.

There is flower intermediary report to say before this, the large party that street of this Tang Ning holds 10 numbers may happen on December 18, 2020, in a room that possibly at that time 40 squeeze 10 in Tang Ning street to 50 people. And be in on December 16, 2020, london just was brought into the 3rd class re

stricts new coronal epidemic situation under, this one measure asks people avoids to interact with blame family member indoors.

Although already when lie between a year, this one video still was caused by exposure hind tremendous controversy. 20 hours are less than after video is announced, siteladu offerred resignation to Johnson.

Siteladu expresses, she w

orries about herself to be able to disperse in the opinion on public affairs in video the attention of people antagonism epidemic disease, express, my general feels for these opinion on public affairs in survive regret, express to your everybody for these opinion on public affairs deep apology.

After Siteladu resigns, johnson expresses, I am very special and regretful lost her, wish her everything is successful, we can miss her to be in governmental day.

Before this, be opposite in the light of the clique be related, johnson expresses, he has asked relevant personnel undertakes investigating, express, if violated a regulation, all and relevant personnel will get disciplinary treatment.

Original title: Because allude,responsibility of abdication of spokesman of exposure flower premier edits the video that premier government office disobeys epidemic prevention to stipulate the clique is right: Ceng Shaolin