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United States of the mock that add intermediary does " democratic peak meets " : Resemble opening fire prevention meeting on burner edge

Peak of alleged democracy of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of electric United States will cause abroad network on December 9 doubt of international public opinion. Canada " Toronto star signs up for " article of 8 daily newspaper points out local time, american country democratic crisis already entered urgent state, have no right to world tuitional democracy. According to newest investigation, most probably American denies beautiful type democracy is good mode.

The article says, american excessive talks about democracy, hold alleged and democratic peak to meet too passed. Challenge in view of what what American country democracy is faced with, a global seminar about democracy is held in Washington now, the feeling resembles holding meeting of a fire prevention by flaming firewood furnace a bit.

School of cent of bay of Er of university of California of no less than teachs speech of haing dark place, american democracy already entered urgent state, the beautiful pattern with people familiar place is democratic be about to terminative, but adopt urgent action to handle a risk without the person now. " Atlantic monthly magazine " also warn in an article, american democratic crisis is forthcoming.

Article citing says, 2021 (in congress disturbance) , the president before the United States is special Lang Pujian says he was won 2020 general election, force of a lot of fully armed choose of American person selected follow. After this, a few assemblyman for the election, change often delimit law of electorate, adapting state, in order to who restrict OK and voting, how to poll.

Visible, now is not the United States can to other when the country is tuitional and democratic, and, almost everybody agrees with this a little bit. Leather blame shows when this week releases the research center to the investigation of democratic manner about the whole world, the American of 80% thinks, the United States is not a good democratic mode, perhaps saying never is; In addition, the American that still has 85% expresses, political system of the United States n

eeds thorough reform or need weighs revolution.


, not be all American are willing to make a change. The article mentioned two parties of American to attack the menace that democratic to the United States place constitutes expose one's past misdeeds each other, the republic partisans of 68% still is certain present general election result is from what Telangpu comes secretly on the hand. Meanwhile, him the Democratic Party political member also is in with respect to economic agenda vexed, and this kind of brawl can last probably to this year the end of the year.

The article points out, in view of above a variety of, whether can beautiful government adopt necessary action to come to those who prevent crisis of American oneself democracy spread, just be the dot that must pay close attention to. (abroad net Yang Jia)

Original title: United States of the mock that add intermediary does " democratic peak meets " : Resemble opening responsibility of fire prevention conference to edit on burner edge: Ceng Shaolin