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Many 6000 people is in Belgium the sea steps to greet New Year in musical sound

Many 6000 people steps

Belgium the sea greets New Year

To a few Belgian, only those who experience frozen seawater immerse, a year of new ability calculates begin formally. 5 days afternoon, in Belgian Aositande, more than 6000 people is mixed in music cheer bear down on in scream the sea.

The air temperature outdoor was 6 Celsius that day, because seaside wind is big, briny iciness, because this body feels,temperature wants some lower. Although many people are asp in cold wind, but the festive atmosphere of the enthusiasm that does not affect everybody to enter an activity and spot. Many domestic collective dispatch, also mass organizations, good friend makes an appointment, they wear an all sorts of dress that include a swimsuit inside, loud and vocal move moves toward beach, billow paddle steps in the sea.

According to sponsorring square introduction, belgian New Year steps sea activity only then 1987, the grow in quantity of person year after year that participates in in recent years, the number refresh this year the record of in former years. Many people that enter an activity for the first time tell a reporter, allude with this kind of means oneself and cheer former days New Year begins afresh, the sense is very good.

In fact, outside dividing Belgium, on the world a lot of countries have winter swimming

to welcome the activity of New Year. 1920, canadian those got Pandajisi to organize the first new year's day winter swimming activity, and entitle polar bear dives. Although in those days only 5 people attend, but this activity continues to come from now on, make the traditional congratulatory way with western annual country.

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