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Wo Lun enters into an election contest American president has what advantage to ever argued with Telangpu happening

End of the year year old end, bai Wolun of Li Sha of Yi of democratic dangshen parliament is displayed to Telangpu's president on New Year largesse announces to attend 2020 American president general election. As up to now the the Democratic Party is the heaviest of the pound enter into an election contest person, of Wo Lun join what pull open ginseng of the Democratic Party formally to choose is prelusive. Prelusive once pull open, predict to will more the Democratic Party enters into an election contest person itch to try.

Wo Lunsheng on June 22, 1949, her personal details is rich, fill in for Ma Sazhu now city federal is senatorial. Wo Lun is typical learn and actor criterion be an official, the star member of school debate group is when high school, had obtained controversy of state high school to surpass champion. Wo Lun ever treated Washington university and Luogesi in tall university button covers with tiles the gram divides school attend school, in 20 centuries 70 time part to 90 time in Luogesi Niuwake divides the university courtyard of law of university of Niya of law of center of law of university of school, Houston, Bin Xi, Ha Fo university law, main research special skill is mixed to go bankrupt business law. 2012, wo Lun fills in in Ma Sazhu contest pitch on of city federal senator wins out, become senator of female of this city first place.

Interesting is, wo Lun is not a dinkum democratic partisans. Came 1991 1996, wo Lun is registered for republic partisans, participate in poll as republic partisans all the year round. The argument that she supports republic party is very simple, think the view of republic party can market of support of the oldest rate grows. But begin from 1995, footing happening of Wo Lun shakes, vote casts two parties to enter into an election contest the person's circumstance happens from time to tome, because she feels republic to the party insists to be aimed at the conservative policy of economy and market no longer, favore large finance orgnaization however, made the policy that goes against family of American middle class.

With change clannish argument is same, wo Lun announces the reason that enter into an election contest played middle class card likewise this. Enter into an election contest in 4 minutes or so in propagandist short, path of Wo Lunwei Wei comes from the personal growing experience in Russia carat He Ma city, after feeling reviewed father heart disease abundantly to break out how do one struggle difficultly. Perceptual family is old take the economic diagram that adds reason, wo Lun tries to pass a such information to American: Facade of middle class family is faced than going up the challenge with more grim generation, american government ought to be Lv of exhaust of essence of exhaust of general collect masses, become wealthy person however profit tool. Wo Lun did not nod a Telangpu directly in short, but the appearance that schedules meticulously attacks Telangpu continuously soft costal region of the government, the character of place of a word in video of no less than: The echo wall of fear and animosity built this fraud, disperse ceaselessly our energy, dissension our affection.

What Wo Lun's largest dominant position depends on her is famous degree, did not come in the the Democratic Party at least in the participate person of ceaseless emerge in large numbers, the figure that Wo Lun regards a female as politician has been admitted by place of people of partial United States. Come for years, wo Lun sends troops to punish to pieces wall street and Telangpu are big, the careless root freedom that becomes the limelight inside the the Democratic Party to be being filled is sent, its did not enter into an election contest key and thematic material will around revitalize the United States average middle class, strengthen a group of things with common features descendants and economic equality, beat back the topic for discussion such as special interest group spreads out.

Nevertheless, wo Lun is not devoid and negative news, her identity already was acclaimed before the problem. Wo Lun claims all the time oneself have America aborigines (Yindian) blood relationship, regard the politics that minority a group of things with common features descendantses as the delegate oneself, but oppugn strongly by Telangpu. Last year in October, wo Lun announces gene to detect to prove identity of descendants of minority a group of things with common features report, carry card of force of method of science and technology its aborigines ancestor is to be in 6 to 10 generation before, have really 1/64 to the Indian blood relationship of 1/1024, but did not want to cause bigger dispute however. The

aborigines that is located in city of Russian carat He Ma cuts Nuo radical tribe to make a statement the way that criticizes Wo Lun, say to detect with gene identity of the member that decide tribe is become is impertinent and wrong, tribal member status can be affirmed by tribe only.

Still a kind of view thinks, wo Lun tries to use his the one's previous experience of more careless root is opposite a Telangpu's relatively rich family circumstances, the way that changes politics of this kind of one's previous experience speaks to detest and feel disgusted instead. Can imagine, plunge into enter into an election contest the Wo Lun future of pond still will answer portion of this a suit acclaim a problem ceaselessly.

Wo Lun won't be contend absolutely 2020 the only competitor of candidate of the Democratic Party of American general election. Look from the circumstance of metaphase election, the arousal of generation of descendants of American female, minority a group of things with common features, youth thes upper part of the body get incisively and vividly now in body of the Democratic Party, but the phase that the the Democratic Party still is in integrated and of all kinds identity to agree with. The the Democratic Party can hit those who win metaphase election to turn over through identity politics battle, but when presidential general election, if cannot condense most consensus, messy identity self-identity can become a the Democratic Party to seize the grim challenge of the White House again instead.

Ahead is by no means level road. Already was hit

show itself in the primary election of the Democratic Party that the Wo Lun of a certain number of label must chase the deer-fight for the throne in a large number of heroes, must think how partisans of democracy of solidarity of the oldest rate reachs ability the constituency intermediate, how can let eight saints go across the sea, each shows special prowess become everybody to pick up firewood blaze tall, only such, wo Luncai may represent a the Democratic Party to compete for championship finally with Telangpu.

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