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Wen Zaiyin nominates " inquisitor of small pure and fresh belle " join constitution court

Korea president Wen Zaiyin nominates 8 days the inquisitor before a female is constitution court new judge. If this one nomination is obtained,pass, constitution court of the 9th judge vacant will get fill.

This inquisitor before the name is called Li Youzhen (transliteration) , it is 49 years old. The data picture that green Wataidi offers shows, li Youzhen appearance is comely, combing agile bingle, wear maize falbala jacket, provide small pure and fresh temperament quite. If nomination is able to pass, she will become the 9th judge of constitution court not only, still will become the judge with constitution court the youngest throughout history at the same time.

Be aimed at this one nomination of Li Youzhen, a committee will hold Korea congress above all hearing. If Li Youzhen can be entered smoothly,close, will undertake deciding by ballot by congress next.

Be worth what carry is, a member of constitution court is current still vacant. Jin Erzhu of nomination acting dean will be Wen Zaiyin on May 19 this year decanal person selected, but spent time of nearly 3 months, this one nomination still was not obtained in congress through.

Korea media is analysed, jin Erzhu

's nomination was not obtained tardy through, advocate if because be in office,collective the Democratic Party and opposition respect are in the party,congress matchs powers. At present add up to has Korea congress 300 chairs, wen Zaiyin is in hold collective the Democratic Party has the political party 120 banquet, for congress the biggest party, but seat in a legislature did not amount to half the number. Opposition respect, party of Korea of freedom of the biggest opposition has 107 place, and of a group of people of same interest of congeneric the Conservative Party the party has

20 place.

In addition, him Jin Erzhu black history also is turned over. He is pointed to an open to question court decision is made during holding the position of martial court judge 1980. Not only opposition is captured to this do not put, a few assemblyman also have collective the Democratic Party quite veiled word.

After Wen Zaiyin will be elected as a president this year in May, the way of form a cabinet is not great. The many cabinet official that he nominates exposes to the sun a personal details stain, bring about opposition criticism.

Among them, the Kang Jinghe of person selected of Foreign Minister official that Wen Zaiyin nominates is shown to let the daughter reads a school ever false cable address, still be suspected of dodge a tax, congress respect rejects to support the appointment to her. Final, the circumstance that Wen Zaiyin did not report through relevant hearing of witnesses in congress falls to appoint Kang Jinghe to be Foreign Minister official forcibly.

And An Jinghuan of person of nomination of official of law Wu minister is pointed to ever holiday marriage, morality is put in stain, must announce to abandon nomination. (Zhang Jing) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Wen Zaiyin nominates " inquisitor of small pure and fresh belle " join constitution court responsibility to edit: Ceng Shaolin


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