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Enlighten do obeisance to taxi of flight of rate foretaste travel " dozen fly " going out is a dream no longer all right!

In report will occupy new network on August 7 outside intermediary report, development flight taxi makes a plan that solves problem of prospective city traffic jam already. Very long since, the company such as the airbus develops relevant plan in pains all the time. Nowadays, enlighten do obeisance to what will take the lead in beginning to fly to try move.

The report says, the future of motor vehicle is not run to fly in sky however on the ground, be in at least enlighten do obeisance to such. As an example that solves problems of a lot of big city traffic jam, enlighten do obeisance to the flight taxi that takes the lead in beginning to be made to Germany to try move 5 years. The Germany that is located in to headquarters near Kaersilue achieves company Volocopter newly for, this is a huge success.

It is reported, flight taxi as helicopter perpendicular litre rise and descend. The earnest wish that new technology makes the mankind becomes reality. Will be in enlighten do

obeisance to the taxi in trying the sky that move to contain 18 circles airscrew, can carry 2 passengers.

What what differ with original tentative plan is, this flight taxi is not nobody drive to be operated by an air man however. Enlighten a controller that does obeisance to director branch expresses, when to throw formally use depend on the apiration of manufacturer and whether to publish necessary legislation to manage automatic aircraft.

Because although the whole world is in eagerly research and development carries a tool this kind, but heretofore has not been in low level is massive any experience of use flight taxi. This one new-style vehicle that people height expects still is facing a lot of problems at present, have technical side already, also have the problem of bureaucratism respect. In addition, no matter be passenger or driver itself,still need to break psychogenic disorder.

The pilot made of baked clay Er of German pilot union (Markus Wahl) expresses, I won't stride this is planted forever flight taxi. Once radio system malfunctions,he can imagine, passenger of aircraft out of control's helpless scenario is how grim.

Fly however taxi market is regarded as latent capacity tremendous. Ten companies are growing the whole world relevant technology. It is early a few years ago, the first flight taxi of Terrafugia has come out. The taxi that company of Wu of Uber carry customer service also is opposite this kind to did not come is very interested.

European empty guest also is in the cavalcade of positive research and development. Of empty guest research and development is nobody drive flight taxi, its cabin is located in over landing gear, around deserves to have airscrew. This nobody drive flight taxi takes off automatically, the instruction that depends on a smartphone descends in landing field. According to current plan, this flight taxi can be rolled out this year.

The design of most flight taxi is to use an electric motor to drive many small-sized and not be a large airscrew. A

t present batteries is a weak point of flight taxi, its use time to have 30 minutes only at most.

Enlighten the flight taxi that do obeisance to tries carry to be in soon the assistance of RTA of administration of public traffic of state-operated of A couplet chief of a tribe and airline DCAA supervises next undertaking.

Enlighten do obeisance to will build technically for flight taxi case, fall. This United Arab Emirates that has about 2 million population plans to be before 2030, let this kind of flight achieve its without man-machine 1/4 of whole vehicle.

Original title: "Hit fly " going out is a dream no longer all right! Enlighten do obeisance to responsibility of taxi of flight of rate foretaste travel to edit: Ceng Shaolin


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